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    Buying Pker with Korasi's/Obby maul pureLooking to either buy a decent pker with korasi's, with rounded stats, or an obby maul with atleast 90 strength. I can offer my account which is nearly a barrows pure with 60 defence, 99 strength, 80 attack, 43 pray and 84 range. This account also has p2p on and a few mill. RSGP can also be offered, but paypal cannot. PM me, or reply in this thread if you have either of the specified accounts.134 Main |Chaotics| OVLS| TURM| UNI |99AGI |STRONK|Welcome to my thread, and today I will be selling my stronk main. Mains got pretty boring for me so I'll be working on my hybrid pker. Account comes with 3 chaotics, cls, rapier, and staff. Turmoil, unicorn stallions, 99 herb, 8k of each extreme and A ******* STRONK CLAN. Also selling it for a very stronk price. Has no recovs, or emails and all information will be given to the for a recovery test if needed. A/W : 90$ PAYPAL 150M RSGP S/O 50$ 100M RSGP Willing to go lower than a/w JUST ASK AND OFFER! : [email protected] strength, Rapier pure,Fully quested [looking for RSGP ONLY] Great stats!I have joined Sythe to simply sell my main rapier pure for some runescape gp to build up a new pure! It is Not maxed pure but not far off, has rapier and arcane stream neck. Not much bank or charms for summoning. I will be removing the recoveries as im posting this topic along with the change of email address when some1 wants to buy it. With a little bit more time this account would become awesome and the 3 defence was a mistake. I want rsgp only! A/W 70M! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Post your offers below and you can add me on if you want to buy this account. Pm me on sythe or leave a reply below of your offer and your name.Barrows Pure with FCape and Torso, BARROWS GLOVES!! CHEAP!!Pictures taken from my Fcape thread, have a pure and no need for this. A/W = 20M. HERE IS SPOKEN IN RS;quested 1 def pure for salethis is a very high end pure it has mind body armor among other great things just take a look at pics. Has the pages for bandos holy book from lighthouse quest as well. 200K TOKENS FROM DUNG AS WELL 67 quest points addy gloves,ancients etc. login screen - some bank pics: stats: offense screen - this pure is based off of an official guide from FOE high council. FOE was the top pure clan in 2010, and are running to be the top clan in 2011 also. starting bid 50m A/W 250mCombat 74 [99 Mage][99 Smith][93 QP's][Dt+MM+Rune Gloves]Hey I'm sellen my cb 7 with 99 mage and 99 smith. its 1344 total lvl, 93 quest points, has rune gloves, 13 def is quested. perfect acc for pking. The email I will gladly take off for serious buyer, and The recovs have been on there since Febuary and I DO NOT know them. I don't feel like waiting the 2 weeks to sell the acc. And theres no bank pic cause bank is emtpied short of some supplies and such. Bank Pin Removel is 1 day 11 Hours from done. I'll take offers and serious lookes can add my main Sir Valence.Selling The Perfect Low Level [email protected]!!I'm selling this acount because I got bored, and I need money on my mauler. This account is level 67+3 and has the perfect pking stats! A/W:25m S/B: I will also take everything off when I find a serious buyer.[99 DUNG] ClimbingBoots,Dt done,Rune gloves, 20 def CB 91+3 [For Sale][RSGP/Swaps]Looking for offers really at the moment My RSGP>Paypal price is $0.65/Per Mill So you pay $65.00 E.G 100m Contact details; - Dannypres96 : [email protected]
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