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    [RSGP]99 Range pure - 89 hp.[RSGP]I will not be going first, serious offers only. Want a ? Pay for it. I need this sold so I can have money on my main. : [email protected] A/W - 60m Stats: Login:lvl 71 account -91 hunter-i dont really play runescape anymore, so im putting this account up for sale. if u have any questions just ask. leave me an offer[RSGP/Paypal][99 hunter] level 70 pureSelling this account for rsgp / paypal a recovery check can be done with a omm at your expenses. With a little Work this account can be made into a beast. As they say pics are wroth a thousand words. No RFD has been completed nor desert treasure. Post / pm your offers / to discuss[RSGP] Selling level 81 Combat pure nice stats.Im trying to get rid of this account because i no longer need it. Owns in pking. Has no wealth how ever please post your offers. has everything done except the free awog for adamant gloves... needs the cooking and agility : /[PayPal] Selling epic staking zerk with 40m worth of items [PayPal]EDIT: Yes, this is the account dragon claw specing in my avatar Hey there Sythe. I'm selling my epic account. Let me explain to you why it is epic. 1. It has a rare name from Runescape Clasicc. I get constant compliments. 2. It has 1 prayer, MM done, claws, fury, 86 str, 45 def, and is only level 75. 3. If you get bored of RS2, IT HAS RSC ACCESS. 4. It has a month of membership left! (Ends May 20th). This account comes with all of the items you see. Torso, Defender, Claws, Fury, Zerker ring, etc. The A/W here is $60 USD. I will be accepting payments from verified PayPal accounts sent as gifts, and I'm looking to sell to trusted individuals. Low offers will be reported as spam, and whoever buys it will get a big vouch from me, as I hope to get from you. Post your offers and s!Level 92 Zerker.( Email is now gone. Recovery test soon ) I can post new pictures if needed. Has B Gloves. Defender of Varrock done. Lost fire cape, torso, and fighter helm on it. Torso and helm can easily be gotten back, as it is level 5 healer in BA, and level 2 in the others( I think about the level 2, I know it's level 5 healer) It also has an original name, if that makes any difference. I'm wanting RS gold for the account, I have no use for this account anymore, I never play it.[RSGP] Near Maxed Zerker | 99 Strength| 81 Dungeoneering | 94 Magic | 36 Vouches- Sold! -Level 88 Main (CAN BE TURNED BARROWS)AUTOWIN: 10M. Truth is, i dont play this account anymore, made back in '03, has a few event stuff, it says Recovs are set but when i went to cancel and said there were none so you guys can sort that out. It may be bad but its just for you to work on. : [email protected]
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