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    ~~~selling Beast Range Tank~~ 99 Def/97cb!!Selling a level 97+7 Range tank. Stats: -93 Range -94 Mage -99 Def !! -99 Hunter - 20M exp? Perfect PKer, nobody the same level can match the stats! RSGP or BANK TRANSFER, WILL ACCEPT SWAPS FOR MAIN. OFFERS HERE OR at [email protected] Scammers: try your hardest, it will only backfire...Trust meSelling Pure with 97 Ranged / 96 Magic and 89 Strength!Info - No Blackmarks - No Email Registered - No Recovery Questions - No Bankpin Picturesmy pr0 fawazHELLO RUNESCAPERS ! am selling my amazingly pr0 fawaz well the reason am selling cuz am turning 19 and quiting or i will be botting a lvl 3 then i take the cash u guys give me and i build a pker the reason i put this so u ppl wont say but it says registred so yh add me on [email protected] am on 24/7 no work till next week wooooooot[combat: 68] [99 mage/smith] [97 range] [88 thieve] [100m RSGP] - WUThread ClosedBuying a Chaotic Pure with 99 StrengthName your price. Preferably I'd like the account to have 1 prayer, 1 defence and fairly low constitution.Selling AWESOME PKER - GREAT STATS- Looking for rsgp only - Any questions feel free to post - DT, MM, and LC are all completed. - A/W = 25M[CHECK IT] G-Maul Pure [1 DEF][95+ STR][P2P]I deem myself trustworthy, thus you'll go first unless you feel insecure and want to use a MM, in which case you will pay ALL fee's. This account was recently cleaned ( 10 days ago ) by a friend of mine- removing all 25M of it's wealth. I'm looking for either straight up RSGP, or paypal(trusted users only). Autowin is not set, but offer's under 60M / $50 will be kindly ignored, because that is the offer I recieved from gold4rs. Have fun bidding, I will check in every 10-30 minutes.selling fully quested ini pure |91s|94m|89r| [RSGP]closed scammed by optic ninja
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