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    [RSGP] Selling 99 Prayer + Herblore! [OMM]Hey all, I've decided it's time to sell this account due to the fact that I no longer play on it, and really have no use for it. Combat level is 60, also has close to 1k overloads, and a ton of other extreme potions. Bank is filled with various junk, really. I removed my email, and recoveries are currently set due to the fact that I can't seem to find a way to delete them (used to be able to delete them via recover stolen password). Account is mine originally mine, and every piece of information will be provided. If you're obviously trusted, I have no problems going first, otherwise OMM, possibly MM will be used. I will pay either half the OMM fees, and the recovery test. Or, if you don't require a recovery test, I will pay the full OMM fees. Here are the pictures: Also, it's ranked in the "bloody sw" soul wars chat. Only taking RSGP. Post here if you're interested, or PM me with your .S> Maxed Mage boxer [8, 99's] ( 1 2)Selling this amazing maxed mage boxer/ range boxer it has won me upwards of $billion rsgp Combat Level = 99 Thieving has 32million exp ranked top 500 Mining has 29million exp ranked top 1000 The account also features what some would call a rare stakers name The account also comes with about 5mil worth of runes for mageboxing Please post here before pming me : [email protected] (This is my only )Selling Almost maxed pure (1 Defence) (RSGP Only)Hey, i'm sellimg one my my pures that is almost maxed out. It has always been a good account for me, and had a lot of fun with it. What you see in the pictures is what you get. I have no automatic win price set, but when I see a price that seems fair I will end the bid. I am the Orig owner of the account, and will supply you with all info that I can remember. I know that I am new, but will not go first, either you will pay omm fees for somebody I see fit or you go first sorry. To see quests done go to the Adventure log (I'm lazy and don't wana take the time to get pics of all the quests the account name is 'c r i k 0 z' with a zero) Also I have not yet canceled the email/recoveries, I will do so as soon as we have a winning offer. Stats: Attack: 60 (quested) Strength: 95 Defence: 1 Prayer: 52 (quested) Range: 99 Magic: 99 Hitpoints: 96 Okay if you folow this link you should be able to go through the three pictures i took for this Maxed Perfect Pure.. Level 77 - 60/99/1/99/44/99200m+ addy gloves all pure quests a perfect pure.. easily tops 5m+ daily profit will pc bank, give ip address and recovery info upon selling paypal only please let the bidding commence[55+ Vouches] Selling Rapier starter pure! Cheap!Hey guys, selling this nice rapier starter pure today, no a/w please post your offers below. Thanks![EPIC][PURE] 90str 90range 52pray 60atk 79mage 99fm with p2p mith gloves 1200 total!!Selling my Pure. Pictures below! A/W: 90m S/W: offer IMPORTANT: The account has recoveries and eMail but they both aren't mine, they are from I Fatality I, I bought the account oh him but I don't have the time to play it anymore! Fatality has one of the biggest account shops on sythe, is donator and grandmaster with 2k+ posts and 250+ vouches! He can recover the account for you whenever needed!Selling 90+8 Quested TURMOIL Zerker / Veng / Turm / Handcannon / 1600 TL / ..[RSGP]RSGP ONLY RSGP ONLY RSGP ONLY!!!! Hey guys, I'm selling my turmoil zerker pure. The reason I am selling this account is because I don't like it anymore and im not the best pker. This account is fully Quested. Accounts Features Vengeance Turmoil HandCannon Zainks Bow 90 Mining Like 2m Bank All God Books Filled(50m) Barrows Gloves 4 Letter Name and more.... Stats: Quests/Bank: Login: BanBars: Starting Bid: ? I will NOT go first unless you are really trusted. 1.You go first 2.You give half, I give Details, You give rest 3.We use a OMM (you pay fees) If you need me my is : [email protected] Please Respond with your offer and messenger and I will add you ASAPFailed zerker/tank. 99Mage/Range/Cooking, 130+ QP, FC, Gravite, 1500 total! [PP/RSGP]Code: You're no longer able to remove recoveries, I've recovered the account twice today, So I'm willing to give the current recovery questions. I have all of the info, including membership information, w/ transaction IDs and such. I'm willing to do a recovery test with an MM/OMM at your own expense.NOTE: ALL DEFENSE IS QUESTED BESIDES 45-48. NEED CASH. AUTOWIN = 40$ Code: Notables:99 Mage99 Range99 Cooking85 Smithing86 Thieving89 HPFirecapeRune glovesVarrock armorMM/DT/Lunar + MoreGravite 2H. (Best f2p weapon) I'm looking for OFFERS, you can contact me via PM, post or add me on @ [email protected] Thanks.
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