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    ~~~~~~Selling 40-99-1 pure~~~~67 combat~ ( 1 2)I'm selling this clean, melee-maxed pure. You can pretty much make this badass into any other pure type you want because of how clean it's stats are. Please offer a price. This account is guaranteed to never be recovered! It has never been a member. If you're looking for a sick pure from a honest and trustworthy seller, look no further! Stats: Bank: Looking for USD by the way! I might take RSGP if the offer is good enough. We'll be using a MM if you wish and you pay for it. I only accept PP as a form of payment. My is [email protected] if you wish to talk about this more. A/W is $70 or 90 M RSGP.SELLING >80 rng< FireCape >74 str< 63 CBSELLING LVL 63 cb great PKER! STATS CB- bank- recovs willing to cancel recovs and email asap. NO A/W at this moment RSGP OR PAYPALBuying Pure1-20defence hopefully dt nd quests done already. Ill offer paypal, rsgp, or swap. acc i have is "i run mb w65"rune pure, 91 magic, 3.5m!!!hey guys, i need this sold ASAP! i need the GP to pay someone on sythe to do my firecape! 100% legit. : [email protected] VOUCHES Quote: Originally Posted by bigem45 Huge vouch for "every username in use"! Bought gold went very fast Quote: Originally Posted by sythesfan Vouch for Eternal & Joanne, bought 50m quick. I went first! Quote: Originally Posted by I Laffd Vouch for "every username in use"! Bought an account from her for 7.5m! I went first, and she didn't scam! Thanks again! Quote: Originally Posted by itwigi BIG BIG VOUCH FOR 'EVERY USERNAME IN USE' BOUGHT AN ACCOUNT FROM HER, 9M, I WENT FIRST, EVERYTHING WENT SMOOTHLY Quote: Originally Posted by 99lighting Big vouch for every username in use Bought 2 accounts for 3.5m went first, everything went smooth. Quote: Originally Posted by Carruthers VOUCH for EUIU! bought starter tank 5m. i went first. all information. smooth fast trade. Quote: Originally Posted by bonecrusherrrr Bought the account for $20 and everything was great. I went first, got all the information quickly, and had a fun conversation at the same time. Definitely a vouch. Quote: Originally Posted by 99lighting vouch for every username in use bought another account for 3.5m went first, fast and smooth. Quote: Originally Posted by Yds Vouch bought 94M I went first! Quick & EasySelling Maxed lvl 73 1 Pray 1 Def 1 Summ ( 1 2)Closed too many scammers, ill try elsewhere(PAYPAL) selling awesome account lvl 66/94mage/91range/83str/99 hunt and fletch;Selling my account as i am quiting very decent; Paypal only no swaps or rsgp account has done desert treasure and monkeymadness + all pure quests completed 40.00AUD start bid Add me on and ill send photos and talk to you about the account [email protected] Glitched Member Pure.His account is glitched for members, FOREVER MEMBER. Mage tank. 70 def 65 hp 84 mage 43 pray cmbt:79 Anyone interested ?Level 78 99str 60att 52pray Firecape Addy Gloves RARE NAME! ( 1 2)The rare name is a kickass pure name from around 2004 depending on if I trust you or not I will tell you the name upon request POST HERE DO NOT PM ME Has a FIRECAPE, ADDY GLOVES, DT DONE, MM DONE and all major pure quests. No A/W is set, I might set at a later date. Just feel free to offer or post any questions you may have. C/O - $70 I'm willing to use an OMM but may not use an MM depending on who it is. Account HAS recoveries but I WILL tell them to you. Account HAS bank pin but I WILL tell it to you.
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