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    [RSGP] Selling 99 str maxed pure!Hey guys hope you all enjoy this ad! I will be giving all the information I have as well as changing the email to your email! I will do trade 50/50 you give me first half, you get on then you give me second half. At that point the email and other information I have for the account including CREATION DATE, membership info, ISP will be given. Please bid strongly as this pure took alot of work. MY [email protected] or my [email protected] Auto Win-55m Thank you for taking a look!Level 88 initiate pure with 90 Dungeoneering!This account is a fully quested initiate pure with 60 attack, 89 strength, 87 range, 82 constitution, 94 magic, 52 prayer, 90 dungeoneering and other good stats along with 88 quest points, an unholy book(filled). The account has rune gloves, the quest for slayer helmet. Also it has two chaotic's, an arcane stream, a gravite 2h and 34k dung tokens. I am trying to sell this account, and if you are interested in buying, just post on the thread letting me know what you wanna offer for it. (For this account I am primarily looking for paypal transaction rather that recieving rsgp) **ps** THE MEMBERSHIP ENDS ON AUGUST 28TH ( still a month left) -Thank you tinypic/view.php?pic=fwt9bl&s=7 tinypic/view.php?pic=330hff7&s=7 tinypic/view.php?pic=kb66h&s=7 tinypic/view.php?pic=11jc60p&s=799 mage account for 3 dollarsI need 3 more dollars to pay for an item I recently purchased and would appreciate the help. This account isnt that great. its 99 combat with 99 magic and 75 defence. Well its for 3 dollars paypal and if you want it its yours. Ill go first with the details if your somewhat trusted. add my [email protected] doesnt have that good of a bank Lvl 86 Mage Staker 90 HP 99 MAGIC Chaotic staff/Arcane Stream 60 DefHello I am selling this beyond amazing Mage Staking account. The account has 99 Magic, 90 HP, and 60 Def at only 86 combat! Desert treasure quest has been completed. The account has a VERY low cb for these amazing stats, at this CB mostly pures are staking and their 1 defence does not stand a chance VS your 60. The account also has 79 attack so it can use the full zuriels staff and Staff of light. You do 1 Miasmic Barrage to cut your opponents attack speed down to 50% and then staff of light spec to block their damage by 50% and no meleer has a chance of EVER beating you. TO TOP IT OFF the account comes with CHAOTIC STAFF and ARCANE STREAM necklace! This gives you a 35% damage boost and will help you kill anybody with ease! Please note: I am only selling for CASH and ONLY via playerup(They accept PayPal and Credit Card payments) To buy please click the secure checkout button below and it will bring you to my PlayerUp listing. (Also please read very bottom of post for further understanding as to how you are 100% safe from me ever recovering): Price: $ 150 USD (VIA ONLY!) Why buy from me? All the accounts I sell come with every previous detail I have, and are only ever owned by me. I will never recover them. Stats: Account has over 40mill in wealth!: Account comes with Chaotic Staff & Arcane stream giving a 35% magic damage boost!: Desert Treasure Quest is completed and Ancients spells are unlocked: Account has no Recoveries or E-Mail set and 14 days of membership remaining: The account has never had an offense against it: For anyone worried about accounts being recovered, please read the following: has my photo ID, and my address and other personal information. If i were to recover an account and you report me to them for it they would pursue legal action against me. Not to mention they have buyer insurance where if an account is recovered they refund you your money in market credits to purchase another account of the same price. Also I'd supply you with previous passwords, Transaction ID, where i created the account, ISP created under, and the recovery answers ( if account has recovery questions set to use until you set your own) upon purchase. My PlayerUp Vouches: To view my vouches yourself go to: playerup/offer/...theshowersceneTrading Beast Main for Beast 1-45 defence [Swaps][Trusted only]sythe/showthread.php?t=1199691 Check out the main, 129 combat overloads turmoil 2 chaotics and much much more. Im selling this for gp which i will buy a 1-45 defence account, or i will swap the main for a zerker if you are trusted. Since i will only trade with trusted SWAP for Swap disregard the below. But if you recover on me i will not hesistate to recover the main on you (it is mine of 7 years i can do so with ease), i expect you to do the same if i recover which i will not, i have no interest in the main anymore as long as you are legit with me. Im looking for in order of most prefered to BLAH: *20 defence pure -44/45/52 prayer -94 mage -90+ range -85+ strength -78 attack with korasi MUST -Rune gloves MUST -Ancients must *Zerker MUST HAVE -45 defence no more no less -44 prayer or 95 prayer -95+ strength (negotiable) -60-75 attack OR 75-80 if it has a korasi (i want a korasi ) -94 magic with veng -Barrows gloves -Ancients would be nice so would a decent range level but IDC TBH *DISREGARD THE TITLE, if you got any "failed" pures, 1-5 defence ill gladly buy so i can make a nice init pure[RSGP] ~Selling amazing turm prod, Slay helm, Korasi, Lord marshal, And more! [RSGP]Hey I'm selling this amazing turmoil pure good for pvp, dueling, clan wars and some bossing, I am a trusted member of sythe and i will not sell to any leechers, so dont even bother. I will not go first unless we use OMM. I will give all information needed for the account, including previous passwords. etc. leave serious offers only. thanks I have been working on this account for 3 years now making it the best i could, but now i am making a new pure project and need funding for him seeing as i dont use this account often anymore. Pictures. Starting offer: 150m. Happy biddingselling level 69 pure for 30mil rsgp!!!i am selling my runescape account for rsgp only it will be 30mil rsgp it does have membership left on it to but idk how long i will not go first and i will use a OMM but you have to pay for it pics of the skills--- i1226.photobucket/albums/...purelevels.png has no welath email/- [email protected] - javier.jimenez46 rs name- goldy rocks i also have other accounts for sale here is the link for all of them i will sell them all for 130 mil rsgp s1226.photobucket/albums/ee403/valusoft11/--|89 Str|89 Mage|82 Range|Fcape|Unholy Book ( 1 2)Selling this beautiful pker with all pure quests done RFD, MM, DT, Horror from the Deep. Account comes with a Fire cape, Unholy book, Ghostly robes, accumulators, and mithril gloves. I AM THE ORIGINAL OWNER OF THIS ACCOUNT WHEN PURCHASED YOU WILL RECEIVE THE REGISTERED EMAIL AS WELL AS A TXT FILE WITH ALL INFORMATION (TRANSACTION ID, PREVIOUS PASSWORDS, CREATION DATE, ISP'S, ALL INFORMATION NECESSARY) THIS ACCOUNT IS PERFECT FOR A TURM ZERK OR JUST TO HAVE FUN PKING Login: Items: Stats: Quests: I WILL GO FIRST TO MEMBERS I FIND TRUSTWORTHY, OTHERWISE WE USE A MM I AM NOT ACCEPTING SWAPS PAYMENT METHODS: RSGP OR 1 Membership card/Pin STARTING BID: 30M/$15 AUTOWIN:???
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