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    [$50 Donator] Level 4 Zeal pure -incomplete-SOLD Thanks lillie 71 Rc 63 Agil!!Offers in rsgp only please pm me or post on this thread thankyoulvl 56 pure. 99 mage. 1 def/atk/str. rsgp/paypalPure mage, fresh account. this is how its gonna work. the highest bidder will recieve a paypal invoice with terms and conditions that make sure neither of us get scammed. its happened to me before so dont tell me to go first and you'll pay later. some1 else broke that trust for you. if you would like to see the account in a runescape world i will be happy to quickchat all the lvls for you so you know its real. pm me if interested. lets start bid at $10/15mInitiate Pure with Zanik Head Item RSGP - 5mA/W is 5m Login with email, but I will not give you access it it, it is my personal one. No email registered though. Account is currently ftp. Bank is about 250k Zanik's head is the familiar Zanik forced into an item in a certain quest, you can no longer drop it to summon her, but you used to be able to. I will tell you how it was done. I believe you can still do it with velbadan, which is essentially a cft, not sure though, have not glitched in a few months. Stats Login Offence History further proof of zanik item, it on the ground This is just a noob account I made the first day of email names and spent a month on it. Pretty much giving away.buying pure for 13millooking to spend 13 on a account and would like a pure. dont mind if its a f2p or a p2p let me know guy and im knew to but dont think you can take advantage of this because im not stupid so i dont wan anytime wasters. you go first or you pay for a vmm which im happy do to post below and my is [email protected] 99 Strength Pure! [RSGP 20M] ( 1 2)Hello, today im selling a 58 Combat, 99 Strength Pure, every skill is 1, except Constitution, Strength, attack and range, i an only selling this account because i am bored of using it to pk with now so i am selling for RSGP, the account has no email registered or recoveries and the account has no wealth, good luck on buying! also if you would like i can prove the account is mine by meeting you in-game. Let the offering begin, ill accept anything as a bid over 20M Leading Offer: 30M, Offer made by: Zipuolen. if you post your offer and below so i can add you will be most appreciated!Selling level 3 with 2k ZealsHas no recoveries but it has an email ( Can be changed to your preference). I ahve notepad with all recoveries , even the time it was created. Will go first to anyone with 100+ Vouches or will use any mm of your choice. Current Offer: N/A Will add pictures later, made this thread at night before I go sleep so...
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