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    90 cmbt 80-99-40 rapier staker, 87 dung and 99 thiev. CHEAP (rsgp)I previously bought this account from Lucster just a bit ago for 500mil RSGP and I went first of course and trade went smooth and I just realized I am not a staker kind of person. So I am going to try to sell it for as much as I can get so I can beautify my pure. I am not a retard so I realize I am a noob to these forums so I am willing to go first to well trusted members, or use an MM or OMM. either way. I am not looking to sell this to a person that resembles myself I would like to sell this account to a well trusted person so I can go first and it'll make things alot easier and smoother. So please offer away. + Has chaotic rapier and corrupt statius AW: 50M!!!!!! Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with ^^ rapier and 99 thieving cape.*RSGP*Level 90 CB Staker 96HP 96Range*BEAST*Hey guys, I just recently decided to start playing my main again (instead of staking 24/7) and it really don't have anything on it so I figured I'd sell this account for cash for main. I think this account is about the perfect balance, I box people with this even with them having higher melee stats. The Hitpoints on this account is AMAZING for the combat level...Most around this level have 80-85hp. Vls'ing, Range boxing, Boxing, Armour fighting- All of it works very well on this account! The account has no recoveries, pin, or email on it. I would like 80M RSGP for it We can use OMM if you are not comfortable going first to me (I WILL NOT GO FIRST) I made this account, and it has never had any recoveries or an email on it. Pics:Selling lvl 70 99 range /99 mage pure [RsGp] ( 1 2 3)Mosts quests needed are done has fire cape 99 range/mage working on str atm if noone buys will get it 99 str and try to sell again. Steel gloves working on rest of rfd as i type this has FULL unholy book DT done. I WILL NOT go first unless you are very highly repped like 100+ vouches or we use a OMM at your expense. Please no low ball offers and scammers gtfo Start the bidding also has recovs and email which will be given/taken off when sold and no black marks3 Skills 1 Main 91 fishing!![20$!!]I am looking for 20$ pp I will not be going first unless you find a !! If interested add my [email protected] my vouches are in signature.Trading Dclaw Rusher, Good Stats, Mem, And Claws! READ!!!Hey Guys its Jon again selling my pure. Heres my pic proof. Pic of Stats- Pic of Quests- Pic of Items- Its stocked up on mem, its level 57, and i wanna trade this for a main, now i care about stats so much that if this main is a GOOD main, u can keep items such as trade items to a diffrent account or something, you can leave the bank clean, i just want stats. Contact Me! - My is [email protected] My is Cradle-Lyke-a-Dreidel We can figure something out such as MM's and stuff. That should be all you guys need Thanks JonSelling DOMINATE Rapier Staker [Trusted][RSGP]Original owner is Lucster another extremely trusted member among our community. Post here first then pm me your , if you pm me your without posting you will be immediately ignored. : [email protected] Its got chaotic sword, chaotic rapier, chaotic maul, ring of vigour, and 460,000 tokens.Tank! 94 Mage 90 Range! Firecape& Torso LEVEL 83.Had To Repost.Selling LvL 77 - Total Level 771sorry Wrong Place Mod Please Delete
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