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    [rsgp]WTT 3 decent-good accounts for a pure/ or RSGP!!!![swap]post offers, whether its an acc with pics!!! or rsgp, no vouches, havent really used the site much, but i will be down for some trusted middle mans, besides im not worried about you recoving your acc when i have 3 up for one,selling 94 cb account 99RANGE 99MAGE 70DEF. [RSGP]Im selling a nice tank. here are the pics: im looking for RSGP. a MM will be used unless your highly trusted. ADD my [email protected] or message here and ill add you as my is abit messed up.|gravite Pure | 80 Dung | 3 Def |has G2h, Gr, Gls, G staff, arcane blast necklace. has recoverys ( i honestly dont know them because i put random answers for free 10k lul ) has emails ( will be removed) has email login... but registered to a live account for the username stats: 72 range, 76 hp, 85 str, 45 att, 3 def would anyone want to buy it?86 Range || 85 Mage || Desert Treasure PureI'm here selling this quested Desert Treasure pure that has 85 Magic and 86 Range.. This account is great for clan or regular pking. *Comes with a filled Unholy Book (20M Value) *28 Sets of Ghostly Robes *Accumulators *Desert Treasure, Animal magnitism (main quests) I AM THE ORIGINAL OWNER AND UPON PURCHASE CAN PROVIDE ALL DETAILS FROM CREATION DATE TO TRANSACTION IDS. When purchased you will receive a txt file with all account information. I will give you creation (original email) along with the recoveries (which are random numbers). Not only is this safer for both of us, but it makes the account recoverable if you ever need to. WITHOUT fUrThEr ADO :p Terms: I will go first to members I find trustworthy! If I don't feel comfortable going first we can use an OMM :p NO SWAPS, I REPEAT, NO SWAPS I'm accepting RSGP and paypal (claim and cancel) as my payments of preference. Starting Bid: 20M Autowin: 35M Also, ask me about my staker :p[RSGP] Bunny ears yo-yo 20mrsgp[RSGP]Hey sythe im selling my old account that i have had sence 06 that i got from a irl friend. I don't need this account anymore so im just going to sell it for RSGP. I will sell for the highest bid. As you can see in the title it is a level 95 with bunny ears yo-yo and RSC cape. Pics: Holidays: Stats: login: Highest bid wins! A/W:10m RSGP Oh pm me on here or post a comment below for your offers!Level 82 baby mage boxer - 11m -Hey guys! I am starting to end my rs days and am letting go of my baby staker... I have had a lot of fun with account both winning and losing numerous stakes. The mils I made on the side were also a huge bonus Here is a picture of the log in: The account still has a bank pin (will be removed in 3 days) and also has recoveries set. From what I read you can't remove these anymore, only change them? If this isn't true please let me know and I will remove them asap. The account still has just over 3 weeks worth of membership left and has been a member ever since loyalty points were introduced (if that interests you at all). The stats: Stats of importance for staking are as follows: Combat - 82 Mage - 94 HP - 72 Defence - 70 Pray - 11 Summoning - 1 The exchange of hp for defence was well worth the combat levels. You will be very suprised by the difference it can make to a duel and the stakes you will win against cocky 99 mage/hp pures. If they are willing to give you their mils then it's only polite to take them right? DT has been completed but is near enough the only thing that has been. It's a staking account after all The cash: Currently has: Over 11m cash Lots of random cosmetic items ha ha Full Zammy book Dragon defender The bank mainly consists of junk, basic runes ect. Black marks: This account has never once been botted on and has never had a single black mark. It was muted for 36 hours due to a false mute from a p mod but never resulted in a black mark. Methods of payment I accept: Western Union Money Gram GP - Valued at $0.35/m so I can have a quick sale of them I do not deal with paypal in any form, including PlayerUp I will gladly use an omm at your expense and can also provide a recovery test, if not you will need to go first unless you are well and truely trusted amongst the community. IWhat you are getting upon purchase: - Full details of the account, including creation date, previous passwords, membership details and all other required information that I use to recover the account. - My personal contact number - Should you ever forget the password or lose the account I will gladly recover it for you and return it to your possesion (I will do my best to see that the account is still yours and has not been sold on) I don't have an A/W so please just leave an offer with your address. Leading offer: N/A Thanks!Buying Any Account w/ Regicide CompleteI don't care about the stats. Not looking to pay too much. That's basically it. We will use a MM for the trade of course.Selling zerker pure quests done high stats.Selling Zerker Pure! [email protected] No recoveries email, no longer registered. Decent stats:p Quests done:) 88 combat, i think it's 95 in member. no offences. Application 1.Amount you are offering for the account: 2.Your : 3.Will you give me a vouch/feedback after the trade: 4.Do you accept the T.O.S: T.O.S 1.I will not go first. 2.Will accept any /staff if he is trusted enough on this site. 3.Only taking RSGP currently 4. I won't add you, you add me. 5. Only add my if you post here, if you do not i will not trade with you. 6.Fill out my application before adding me. 7. post an offer and we will discuss --pamella
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