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    [SWAPPING/RSGP] level 3 skiller p2p for an obby maul pure or RSGP!Hey guys, basicly today i am swapping this account for an pure if you need/want anymore information please add me on ! [email protected]! EDIT: wont work so here is the link! - 94mage, 99mining, MM+DT Done, Addy gloves, firecapeAuto / Win => 40m rsgp My - [email protected] Account will be sold to the highest bidder. Trading methods: 1. We use OMM/VMM if you pay fees 2. You go first 3. I will go first only if you have 50+ vouches ( nowdays its nothing ) Notable things: 1. 99 mining 2. 94 magic 3. Gots fire cape 4. Monkey madness completed 5. Desert treausure completed[$200 Donor][45+ Vouches] Buying Low CMB Dclaw PureStats - Attack: 60 Strength: 60 lowest - 70 Max 1 Def Contact: [email protected] Lv 77| 99 Str | 1 Def | NO RECOVERYWell have no desire to play this game , haven't logged in about a month so selling this account. Its a 1 def pure, has 99 str, 43 prayer, 85 range, 60attack for dragon weapons, perfect pure. HAS NO RECOVERIES set meaning safe buy. I will take both paypal/RSGP seeing i can sell RSGP instant. I WONT go first no circumstances.I have done alot of trades here, I encourage the use of a OMM/MM will do 50/50 fees. Paypal for trusties, RSGP for the rest. If interested msg me or add my [email protected] Uploaded with[RSGP] selling awsome 93 str zerker!!Hello there, I'm selling this account, awsome zerker for money on my pure the acc has veng and barrage and 10 qp away from b gloves. The rsgp will be given to my pure: so we meet in a world in ge and trade the money. EDIT: Also taking pokerstar money I will provide you my bank pin once you purchase de account. You will give me half amount of rsgp before i give u the acc, and the other half after u get the acc. OR u can get a omm at ur expenses. STARTING BID: N/A. EDIT: AUTOWIN 40MIL! If interested, add me on my : [email protected] thx for reading.[buying] rapier pure/stakeri want to buy a rapier pure/staker. stats must be: 1 def 80- atk 31- pray i have 60m to offer PM ME OFFERS[200+ Vouches][50+ Acc's Sold] Lvl 69 Magic Pureish Acc | 3x90SOLD! Check for more amazing accounts found in my account store. Thank you.Swapping lvl 92 84 str barrows pureoffers pl0x
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