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    Lvl 89+1 combat all spell books! send messagesll 1spec ll: Message me ingame for questions or post on forums Attack: 75 Strength: 84 Defence: 46 Ranged: 85 Prayer: 52 Magic: 99 Runecrafting: 21 Construction: 50 Dungeouneering: 15 HP: 78 Agility: 33 Herblore: 39 thieving: 58 Crafting: 61 Fletching: 99 Slayer: 27 hunter: 9 Mining: 69 smithing: 52 cooking: 79 wood cutting: 60 farming:32 summoning: 92 def beast, 99 str, 99 mining, ADDY GLOVES, ICE BARRAGE, CHAOTIC MAULPlease pm me or post here if interested. I'm accepting RSGP or paypal offers. A/W is 80m rsgp or $40 paypal. No scamming. I will go first if you are highly trusted, otherwise you first. I don't care about your status on other forums. I will remove the email upon a serious buyer. Pics below: stats: bank: This account is somewhat unique, as it has Desert Treasure completed with only 32 thieving. The reason being, this account suffered a roll back many months ago. Anyway, happy bidding. Comes with no membership.Mage Boxer 99 Mage 83 Def 90 Hp!! 11 Prayer!Hey Guys I just got into this RWT stuff and I wonna start by selling my main. Runescape is not fun, and its not like what it used to be. I can't do anything anymore so im deciding to quit. But Im still gonna bot and sell the stuff . I will go first to people who are semi trusted. I will go first to anyone who appears to be legit to me. I am selling this account for RSGP or PayPal in real life $$. Please Offer your price for this account. Most of it is done by hand. I will Passon all the information regarding the account to the buyer. This account got no recoveries and no email. Uploaded with ImageShack.usSyler's Frost Dragon Killing Account Shop [85 DUNG][1 DEF][RSGP][PP][WU][410+ VOUCHE] ( 1 2)Syler's Frost Dragon Killing Account Shop [85 DUNG][1 DEF][RSGP][PP][WU][440+ VOUCHES] Add me on [email protected] A/W = n/a OFFERS ARE WELCOME. Place your bid and add me on , post YOUR ON THREAD and keep in contact with me, i will verify legit bids and buyers and will give a response on if you can purchase the account. Details: Accounts coming soon. Terms & Conditions. -Paypal payments from trusted members only. Otherwise payments should be made in RSGP @ 0.50/m rate. -WU payments accepted. -All accounts are not registered to an email, had any recoveries set or bank pins. -All logins are email address login (e.g. **** -F2p, never been members. -Botting stopped at least 1 week prior to listing the account, new accounts should be ready every 2-3 weeks to be listed. -All accounts are botted and brand new and no one other than me has been on these accounts. -If account is banned, stat rolled or anything happens to it after the sale - i have no responsibility as after the sale the account is out of my power and possession. -Guaranteed buyer protection 100%, i have plenty of my own fdk accounts and i have no use for anymore, i have around 30-35 account gold farming business and now i no longer need anymore accounts, so I’m making accounts for others. -Accounts will never come with wealth, i have a rsgp gold shop, you may purchase gold from me if you would like. -OMM only may be used, no MM. Buyer pays fees otherwise trust me and go first, and you’re in safe hands. Thanks for viewing. ************************************************** ************************************************** ACCOUNTS READY FOR SALE TODAY!!! NONE ATMO!!! DO NOT POST PLEASE. ************************************************** ************************************************** Vouches for selling accounts. 1. Quote: Originally Posted by bob1337 Bought great acc with 99 theving for 32$ great trader 2. Quote: Originally Posted by usafgunny BIG Vouch for SYLER, i bough his lvl 3 99 RC account for $94 and 20m rs gp, I went first, thank you SYLER! 3.Account 1. Quote: Originally Posted by Eclipsemints Bought it, awesome bro :3 4.Account 2. Quote: Originally Posted by iSambuca x huge vouch for syler thanks for the acc bro 5.BUying pure! [RSGP or SWAP]Post if you're interested I'd like the pure to have at least these: 1-10 def fully quested (hate quests) 60 att 94+ mage 80+ range fire cape That's it. I'll give this main (picture below) or RSGP for the pure. I can give the main AND rsgp for it if you like. Pictures of the main:* * * f2p str pure !str level 82 !!!! * * *heey guys i am selling a good f2p str pure Uploaded with* * * f2p str pure !str level 82 !!!! * * *heey guys i am selling a good f2p str pure

    39 Defence Turmoil Quests completed,Hello Sythe, Today im considering selling my account which I spent alot of time questing on to get the temple quest to unlock curses, If i get the right offer I shall take it, you are able to turn it into a turmoil zerker if you please, as ive worked out with all the defence xp you will get you wont go over 45 defence. If bought; You will recieve all information I have, I am original owner of this account, we can do a recovery test if you pay for a OMM. To contact me? Send me a PM or leave your contact details below no auto win is set. Dont bother asking me to go first if your not trusted. Pictures:
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