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    [RSGP] ~LewisDot Services~ | Reliable | Trusted | Fast | SafeLewisDot WorkShop [Account# 1] [Combat 100] [Account# 2] [Combat 78] [Account# 3] [Combat 106+6] [Account# 4] [Combat 98] ; [email protected] ; LewisxHDBuying 99 Range/99 Magic accountIm looking for a 99magic/99 Range account other stats don't really matter to much. Please post offers.[85+ Vouches]Selling Amazing Pk'er| 88 Str| 80 Atk| 70 Def| 88 Dung| C Maul[RSGP]Hi guys, i am selling an amazing level 93 pk'er. Images below does all the talking.. No low ball offers! Offer Away!G Mauler | Miths + DT | Ice Barrage | CB 62 ( 1 2)Close.selling 4 Accounts For RsgpHey guys. I'm in college now and i came home for a weekend and i have a bunch of old accounts that i'd like to sell or swap. pm me if your interested. im selling these because i want a new account just to have some fun on since i used to play on these all the time. post your bids and pm me if your interested Account 1 Account 2 Account 3 Account 4---This has extremes Perfect MAXED DDSER + 96 range! 99 HP 60 attack NO SUM NO PRAY!LEADING BID: $75 This is my best staker to date, the account is as good as it gets for ddsing or d-clawing. While it is also a good pker in high risk, it doesnt have mage because i dont magebox. Its sole function is to make billions staking. Sadly after selling my rsgp I no longer have the time, rsgp, or desire to continue playing this game any longer. *The account has 1 offence from botting a while ago, but it is in the green. *The account does have an email and recoveries which will be either removed or provided to the buyer (depending on what he chooses) *An OMM WILL BE USED unless the buyer is willing to go first to me *NO RSGP OFFERS will be accepted unless they are for .7USD/M which i will then resell to a trusted buyer *All cash offers will be done through WU no paypal bs, none of that love you is gonna fly. *This account will NOT be going cheap, im expecting reasonably high offers considering the stats and the amount of money the account can potentially make. *Once again, im completely open to OMM's. Here are some pictures. THEY ARE IN IN IMGUR ALBUM FOR EASY SORTING, sorry about that. imgur/a/EiWnc post all offers here! my is [email protected] Thanks! youtube/watch?v=izrL7...ayer_embedded#!Selling levl 82 zerker dragon gloves! 133qp! for RsGp !! must see!!Im selling a decent zerker account. It has dragon gloves and nearly barrows its just 30-40 qp more and then u could get barrows gloves + it has lunar diplo quest done so you can use vengeance and desert treasure isnt completed but it has the reqs for the quest and it has a handcannon also so the drunked dwarf quest is made and that was nearly all i could tell about this acc, + it has 1 void set and good stats ' some pics :; i53.tinypic/2rn979f.jpg i51.tinypic/1z2g7sk.jpg i54.tinypic/w6ukie.jpg If your intrested in buying this account just add me on or reply to this thread . [email protected][85cb][rapier][1summ1pray] Rapier Staker For Sale [200ktokkens][81dung][p2p]Hello all Sythe Members [85CB][RAPIER][1SUMM1PRAY] RAPIER STAKER FOR SALE [200kTOKKENS][81DUNG][P2P] Hello all Sythe Members Again,I Heard about this Community From College Partner So Today I joined it and My 2 ND post is about account I wanna Sell today.Account I'm Selling Is Original made by Me,I botted Dungeoneering just from 76-81 with iDung Pro so you wont be Banned.Account is Clear and Nice,he got 200K Dung Tokkens For Rapier,So you can eassy Own in Duel.I'm Selling it because I got better Staker with Maxed Melle and near Maxed Total Main,so with this I'm not Playing and I would be Happy to get some Free cash from that account.Good is account never got any Reqoveries,so your Setted Reqoveries Be First info! You can Contact me Via ,Messenger,Private Message. : DeviansArt Messenger: [email protected] Email: [email protected] I'm All time Ussing If you dont want go First,so your Choose,we Can use Free MM,VMM if you can Pay Fees for it or you can Go First,thanks. You can Contact me Via ,Messenger,Private Message. : DeviansArt Messenger: [email protected] Email: [email protected] BEFORE ADD ME,PLEASE POST IN THREAD
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