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    [Cheap][RSGP] 60 Attack Quested Zerker For Sale!!!Only asking 10m for it. Has an origional name, meaning it doesn't have a name linked to an email. Well worth the 10m, great start for that maxed zerker! Stats: Login: Quests: Warns: I'd love to use an MM, just not at my cost. Free MMs aren't a bad thing either.[RSGP] buying rune/zerker [RSGP]im looking for a decent zerker or rune pure must have good mage and str 40 or 45 defence quested if zerker......... paying 10-25m rsgp i will not go 1st but im willing to use OMM you pay fees. You must pm me for my contact details i will only use Facebook at this time.. Looking foward to doing buisness with you[RSGP] Selling Cheap Staker 97cb [30m]This staker has taken a while to get where he is now. He's done fremmy trials, but never felt like doing the isles. Has a dragon defender already. Went for 65 def for bandos. I'm selling him because he's made me enough to fund me a pker, and I don't need 2 characters with my new girlfriend. For everyone thats going to say EWW HIS DEF IS SO LOW! HE'S NOT A STAKER. Figure out what you're talking about before you say something. This kind of staker is made for no arm whip staking. Where you slap on a vls in the fight. And steal moneyz. I didn't keep raising str because he hits plenty hard, and 99 attack would be MUCH more benefitial than 99 str. But, stopped at 93 because I have plenty to make whatever toon I want. Not a huge fan of screen shots but made a few at the last second to assure his success. He comes with a VLS that's started to deg. but I would say it still has enough time to win 200-300 more mills. Stats: Proof Of Vesta And It's My Acct: Login Screen: Warn/Ban: A Few Stakes: Upon purchase. I will explain everything you need to know about the character to be successful. As for "NO PHAT STAKES U SUX!!!1!" "The Tortuous and the Hair" C/o: 0 A/w: 30m Doesn't mean I won't take anything but 30m, just means, if you offer 30m, it's yours. Comes with 1 Gorged (Smithing), and 4 Starved Effigys.lvl 98 ruined account :(was a initiate pure.. but then got hacked and trained to 47 def has practically every pure quest done -Nature Spirit -Desert Treasure -All the quest neccesarry for Rune gloves -Monkey Madness etc. i left the acc with no money, but it can still be made into a good staker looking for paypal or rsgp, mainly paypal since i need to renew my vps and built up my pure Post here and add [email protected][RSPG] Buying Staker [RSPG]Hello, I'm looking for any account that has 1 pray, and 1 summoning. Yes thats right any, post your offers, I'll decide whether or not I like them or not. There are some conditions when trading with me however. 1) Regardless of whether you are willing to go first you must have a reasonable reputation. 2) The account must undergo a recovery test, from an OMM which I will pay 50/50 for, if it passes the recovery test, the 50% you have paid will be reimbursed. Post away guys. The chances of me doing a deal with someone who doesn't have less than 10-20 vouches however is unlikely.[RSGP] Selling PRO Lv107 Boxer! Easy Money! [RSGP]I am selling my Lv107 Boxer for rsgp. I will not go first whatsoever unless you are HIGHLY trusted. I would be happy to use a mm or omm, but you will pay fees if you want to use them. I have NUMEROUS vouches from mm's and omm's. I will be accepting offers, that is why i put an autowin price. Here are pics of the account. A/W = 100M If you are interested, please contact my . : [email protected][Paypal/RSGP]Level 89 *99Mage,90Wc,91Str* [Paypal,RSGP]Stating right now, there will be NO swaps. NO exceptions. Paypal/RSGP ONLY. Selling this account for IRL friend. A/W: $35 USD via paypal or 44M RSGP Starting Bid: $15 USD or 19M RSGP My : [email protected] If any proposed swaps, will be reported for spam, thanks.Selling tanker 89 cb94mage/90range/70def/52prayer/lots of skillers stats Beastly tank with veng+barrage 100 qps. Offer
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