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    [PP / RSGP] Level 74/75 Claw Prods / Twins For Sale [RSGP / PP] ( 1 2)Autowin: 65M / $60 Current Bid: 30M Autowin: 55M / $50 Current Bid:: $50, trying to sell ATM 1. Quote: Originally Posted by Serozha vouch to mile-8 just sold him 2 upgrades, he went first things went smooth. 2. Quote: Originally Posted by Trioburrito gr8 sell I went first trusted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 3. Quote: Originally Posted by -cookies- Big vouch for Mile-8. Bought a pure off of him for 50m, I went FirstBargain Bargain Bargain! 30m Rsgp For This 99 Fm 99 Mine Ranked 300's In Mining!This account here is ranked in the 300's in mining. The pictures explain most of the Information Im looking for 30m, Account is ranked in the 300's of mining I don't go first. bump We use MM unless your really trusted. You pay fees.CRAZY 40def pure with void (rsgp)This account has been reset once, overall great account, I am looking for around 45m rsgp or 60m autowin. Account will come with original recuvs and will verify email change. Combat level of account is 92. Get a hold of my by private messaging or ingame cc ex0ticBuying Staker!!!I am buying a staker with something close to the following stats 60 attack (NO HIGHER) HIGH STR 1 def (NO HIGHER) 1 prayer (NO HIGHER) 1 sum (NO HIGHER) HIGHER HITPOINTS Range - whatever Mage - whatever I am willing to pay RSGP or USD via WU PM me your offers with names or leave your offers here. Thank you!!!Buying beginner staker account ( 1 2)I'm Looking for a staker account with higher attack and def levels than strength. Preferably an account with 60+ attack and able to use dragon weapons. basically a boxer-friendly staking account, and maybe dds'ing/whipping. If you have an offer similar to these preferences, pm me and we can talk about it. I'm going to need picture proof of stats and cmb levels, recovery q's, and ban/mute history. : [email protected] a good f2p pureLooking for great KOing stats with 1 def and fair hp. If it has gravite then that's even better!Level 91: 87 str, 99 fletch, 84 wc, 54 rc, 65 hunt [RSGP]Hello all, I am here to sell my level 91 account that I have played for about 2 years. Im looking to start a soul wars pure and to get it going I need to sell this account for gp. The level 91 isnt rich at all, but it has the skills to make money. P2P I made 6m in 3 days hunting, so it has the skills. The bidding will start at 8m and for 17m its yours hands down. I will also trade it for another account, so feel free to offer. I do not go first, period. (50+ vouches is the only way I go first) I will post the pictures below. [click to enlarge them][RSGP/PP] 81 Combat Chaotic Pure - 72 Dung | 90 Str | 1 Def [RSGP/PP]This account was a project I gave up on. With 80 attack/1 def and a rapier you will be low combat and own anybody. I would like offers to start at 40M RSGP/PP please. Thanks. Also you can post or contact me on at [email protected]
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