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    60 99 45, 95 Prayer, AWESOME!Hello, i havent been playing runescape for like 5 months and summer is coming so i deciced to sell my awesome zerker. I accept only money for this account, no runescape money or swaps or anything. You can say your offer here but bids starts at 150$. Forgot to say, account has Fire cape and around 5 million in bank.[3x 99s] MAXED 20DEF Pure - 75ATTACK - Firecape - Rune Gloves [RSGP/PayPal]Putting the last account I have up for auction! Maxed 75attack, 20def pure! Great if you're in a clan, or perhaps looking to make a Turmoil pure? Well here's the perfect base! Havent had this account as long as the others, but I am original creator of course. Just looking for offers as it stands atm! Account is FULLY quested - Rune gloves, Dagon Hai robes, Accumalator, Ancients, Mith Defenders, Fire cape, etc etc! : [email protected] And of course, below are pics! (Email can be changed, I know the recovs so no issues - can change in whatever way!) Looking for offers for the moment, is below: [email protected] Thanks sythe![PP or RSGP - OMM ONLY] - Combat: 79 - R:93//M:87//A:70//S:81//D:20//P:52I started the pure with an intent to either Pk/Clan with it but simply don't have the time to do either. I'm not in a huge rush to sell the account and don't mind holding onto it if I don't receive a decent enough offer.I will only use an OMM unless your either willing to go first with an RSGP trade. (OMM will be used regardless if you wish to pay with paypal). Only quest done so far is lost city. The bank has around 12m in items/cash. I have all original account information. Post offers - If I get a decent one I'll pm you with my .[10m RSGP] Selling level 76 Skiller with 99mining.Will provide all old recovery questions I can, Guarentee 100% safty when buying this account.[SWAPPING] level 3 skiller p2p (67 rc 71 mining 64 herblore!) for a PURE!!Hey guys, basicly today i am swapping this account for an pure if you need/want anymore information please add me on ! [email protected]! EDIT: wont work so here is the link!> Level 70 Pure - 94 Mage - Fire Cape!!Welcome to my thread , im selling this pure account , post offers here or PM. Other info : Has a fake email username , which I never used or use. Has a pin which I will oviously tell you. Currently 25 days left of p2p. NO RECOVS! MM Complete , Holy Book , Climbing Boots ONLY ACCEPTING RSGP Will edit post if needed.selling zerker pure!fully quested 25mems days left*must see*hey guys this is the account im selling! pics : only accepting either mems pins,dpins,rs gp ima go first if ur trusted or we use a middle man :thumbup: add my : [email protected] to discuss , leave a message here , or pm me!Buying Mage Tank! RSGP or $$$I am buying a Mage Tank for RSGP or $. Requirements 90+ DEF 1atk / 1 str 70+ HP 95+ Mage 1 Pray Would be nice if it had range on it too. : [email protected]
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