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    A low level hybrid pure[Rsgp/Paypal]I want to buy a hybrid pure, i dont want any account over 60 attack, or above 1 summoning, needs to have 94 mage, if the person is trusted then i will go first, if not then we sort out an OMM I am planning on buying the account in a few days, i would also have around 30-40$ to spend or around 60-65m also i want all the past passwords, earliest membership(if it has ever been member) and also all the recoveries and email. : [email protected] Thanks Edit: sorry i forgot to put, Pures only(1def)[MB] Newman's account sale! [$$]Sup Sythe, I'm still selling all my accounts. Account #1 Style: Staker Membership: 1 Month. Bank: 300k maybe. Combat: 101 F2P, 101 P2P. A/W: $25. Account #2 Style: Main Membership: 2 Months left. Bank: 1M~ Combat: 99 F2P, 105 P2P. A/W: $35. Account #3 Style: Main Membership: almost 1 full month. Bank: 2M Combat: 113 F2P, 122 P2P. A/W $55. Account #4 Style: Pure Membership: None. Bank: 10k Combat: 44 F2P, 44 P2P. A/W: 10$. You can contact me by adding me on or sending me a PM. : [email protected] 1 def pure, 95 mage,90 range,79 str + addy gloves, MM, DTHave a great pure for sale, combat 72, with all recommended quests such as Reciper for disaster to addy gloves, Monkey Madness, Desert Treasure and Lost City. Account is in the green zone for offence history, has committed an offence and has never been botted. Feel free to post or PM with offers/questions and i will strive to get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks. Looking for offers in RSGP.[PayPal] PURE! 94 Range, Mage. 99 WC, Theiv. 1350 Total Lvl! 70CMB DT, RFD, MM [RSGP]Sold![RSGP/PP]Chaotic Rapier/Maul/Staff|99 Str|99 Mage|92 Range|93 Hp[RSGP/PP]Sup, i'm selling my nearly maxed 60 defence account for either rsgp or paypal, the account has 3 chaotics on it with 92 dung, some other untradeables, so heres the info My is ; [email protected] feel free to add me to discuss. I will only go first if you are VERY trusted, if you want to use an omm that is fine, you pay the fee. A/W=50m or $40 paypal ~ I am open to offers, feel free to post. Pics[RSGP]Level 71 Gmaul 1def one 99, 94mage[RSGP] ( 1 2)Closed.Cb 74 99 Mage 99 SmithHey I'm James and I have a Cb 74 13 def pure quested with 99 mage and im currently 100k from 98 smith (getting 99). I'm only posting this thread to see what offers I can get for the acc. Rsgp or Acc Trades. So I have no posted pics yet so dont automatically think this is a scam cause I simply want to see what my acc is worth. I dont have cause i kinda think its gay so just replay to this thread if you have a offer. After a certain number of Offers I'll decide how much I'll sell the ac for and make a new thread with pics and such and I'll have 99 Smith by then.[swap for decent pure]I'm looking to trade for a decent pure or ill accept 45m rsgp.and i'll accept paypal. my is [email protected] tinypic/r/2uzx947/7 stats tinypic/r/35jhs94/7 lobby tinypic/r/5ey1w0/7 cash&good items
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