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    Selling level 95 with good stats.soz delete thisRange Tank HelpHi guys, I do realize there may be about 1000 other threads out there about a range tank. But I'm just trying to get a validation on these stats i've come up with. Please don't be too harsh, I just started playing again and plan on becoming a member once I get my stats up high enough. Also, I don't want a really high combat level, so take that into account. 1-att 1-str -72 def (i know odd number but its so i don't go over 90 cbt lvl) -99 hp -99 magic -99range Comments? Criticism? I'm all ears. Also, if you mention different stats, could you please give a reasoning behind it so I may consider it? ThanksRange tanker / Quested Berseker For sale $$$Quit in february dont have a use for them and id rather get them outta my head for good. There both good accounts no bans or offences. No recoveries pins or emails set. Range tank stats / bank - a/w = 35$ OR B.O Berserker - a/w = 40$ or B.O All info will be givin on puchase. Ill pretty much go first to anyone if i feel your trusted. If you scam me jagex has new systems to appeal or lock within mins so idc i dont even play ;s? :[email protected] berserker/init pure/pure - swaps or rsgp- 99range99mage for swapsythe/showthread.php?t=1230270 i can offer those accounts or rsgp if required looking for quested defence good magic rune+ gloves i would like to do the trade with a more trusted member if possible , thanks will use mm/OMM at your costFully Quested Void Prod With B Gloves! Hc And Mm/dt Doneselling my void prod account! 75 attack 82 str 42 def 89 range 47 pray 90 mage 83 cb! swapping or rsgp! NOT GOING FIRST UNLESS HIGHLY TRUSTED. ACCS SWAP ACCECPTED. IS [email protected] strength pure!!AND skiller w/ 2 99's multiple 80+!! 25$ for both!!!Will sell both for 25$ together! LOOKING TO SELL THESE ACCOUNTS ASAP. Looking for paypal only!! i recently got back into runescape when i heard trading n pking was back, these accounts are from before jagex took trading away, and have original names to login. I Dont want to play anymore and i wish to sell these accounts. they are both originally my accounts and we will not have any problems trading, i ambuying new subs for my car n need some extra cash, so i will not go first unless you are more trusted than me. i am trying to do this as soon as possible so i wont be looking for that much. thanks Message my [email protected] with any questions. Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with 64 COMBAT SKILLER! Uploaded with Uploaded with ImageShack.us92 fishing and cb 65, rangerSelling an account that has these stats. THIS ACCOUNT IS F2P!!!!!!!!!! People start bidding!!! i1216.photobucket/albums/...iks/ingame.png i1216.photobucket/albums/...tiks/login.pngSelling Cheap Rune Pure!Hey guys I need some money to fund my new pure and I'm selling this rune pure I'm bored of playing. The stats aren't the best but I think they are OK. Starting bid is at 15m RSGP - Has Rune Gloves - Almost ready for dragon gloves - No D.T (reason it's so cheap) Stats: Im new to sythe so let me know if theres any other pics that need to be uploaded
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