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    {RSGP/SWAPS} Pure account shop^^I will not go first. i Will take 50/50 i Will use a MM What i accept. A decent p2p level 3 skiller. A full quested initiate pure. RSGP. Here is the accounts ACC 1 : Dt done MM done other pure quests done + addy gloves. Comes with creation info, membership pin the lot. Any questions feel free to ask. account 2: comes with all creation info is not a member level 86 range tank. all tank quests done ( eccept for mm) No bankselling runescape main for 10m - [email protected] ---Account---Selling 2 Great Pures - 99's - Amazing ( 1 2)Hello, Im selling for $25, this is to get gold memebership on another site and to get in to a modded lobby. Account #1 : Acc Stats Acc Wealth $25[RSGP] Selling Great Pure| 3 Other accounts! |All Quested| Fire Cape in Each | 5mBankAll of these accounts are for sale as i am Quiting :p , So i am selling off all my rs accounts to host a huge drop party for my clan mates in Mayhem-Makers [MM] 50m Each for the Zerks | 70m for the 10 def pure Will be going 40/60, As in 20m before info and 30m after info, | or in the pure case 30m before info 40m after info. None of these accounts have any black marks at all and 2 of them have membership occuring All have 5m each in bank Fully Quested! 50m each! 10 def pure - 70m Please Leave your 's, or IRC Nick's hereSelling lvl 73 10 def pure with 99 mining no BLACKMARKS!Taking RSGP only. Looking for best offer! let me know thanks! Any questions add my ... [email protected][rsgp]selling Perfect Claws RusherSELLING PERFECT CLAWS RUSHER RSGP HAS NO RECOVERYS NO EMAIL AND ONLY 1 PASS AND ALSO HAS 10 DAYS MEMS LEFT HERES PIC BID STARTS AT 15M I WILL ONLY USE OMM UNLESS U DECIDE 2 GO FIRST I HAVE 4 GOOD TRADES AND NONE BAD THE COMBAT IS 74 WITCH IS GOOD I DID ALOT OF SOUL WARS{rsgp} Ownage Level 94 Barrow Pure{rsgp}i am currently selling this amazing level 94 barrows pure due to the fact that im not using it anymore due to the fact that i have 2 that are like almost the same and well are twins. The account starting bid is at 30m so please do not even bother to contact me for lower, there is no auto win im just gonna see till what point its gonna reach anyways as for when im selling the account payment goes like this you pay me first half of the cash then i will realease you with half of the account recovery details and then when you pay the other half you will be given the rest meaning that when i know your serious your gonna get the password on the account so you can check if theres anything wrong and if you like then you pay the way i told you anyways please post here or pm me if you want add me on wich is [email protected] if you want we can do mm to but pay your own love you~~~buying Pure 100m~~~Hey guys I got 100M to spend on a pure, I Will only buy from highly trusted members, We will use an OMM with a previous recovery test, So i know all info is correct. Please post ur offers and ALSO post ur s So i know who Im dealing with. : [email protected] (post ur too please)
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