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    {S>} $exy cmbt 83 rune pure $exy !!! {runepures + turmoil pures leave images of your accounts and ill get back to you. thanks![60$]Selling Runescape Level 99 | 40M | 93 Str | 99 WCMain Stats: Strength:93 Attack:75 Defence:70 Range:87 Magic:82 Constitution:85 Woodcutting:99 50 or 60+ in most stats Skill Total Level: 1566 OTHER: NOW HAS 30M CASH! Main Quests: RCFD Monkey Madness Lost City Lunar Ancients Freminik Series Contact me at: [email protected] or text me at 678-613-2512 SELLING FOR ONLY 55 DOLLARS!!! Pictures: s989.photobucket/albums/a...11-25-26AM.jpg s989.photobucket/albums/a...messagesrs.png[Trusted] Selling CB 96 pker. [RSGP]Hello, I don't play him much anymore and I was wondering what I could get for him. He's got DT done, and addy gloves. If you've got any other questions feel free to add my , which can be found in my signature. Thank you guys.{RSGP} Selling Starter 30 Def Turmoil! 7 Quests Left, Rapier, 95 Pray, Rune Gloves! ( 1 2)Closed.1m A/W - *extremly cheap*42 cb Insane dbower Pure|multi ownage! | Active MembershipHey guys Im going to be selling this pure. its much fun to pk with in multi =)its basically a dbower pure,it has a full month membership(just bought mems for it last 2 days r so)i am selling for a very low a/w since im working on my main :] you can notice,this account has no recovries or emails =] i will be going first to anyone trusted or we use a mm/omm =] might pay for fees A/W:1m :[email protected] please post here before contacting me on i(S) 73 pure 90 Range 94 magic! CCB+202k tokens!!!87 dung! (S)closed.99 combat -80 att 99 str 20 def 99 magic turmoil [RSGP]Hello, selling this account since I'm not using it anymore. Got all informations and will provide the buyer with them. either we use OMM or you go first as long as you're not more trusted than me. My : [email protected] Fill in this apply: : Going first/OMM?: Offer:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.