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    [SWAP] 3 Amazing Accounts + 6 WoW Keys for Good Zerker or Starter [SWAP]I'm looking to trade off 2x Cataclysm, 2x Wrath of the Litch King, 1x Burning Crusade, and 1x Vanilla WoW Keys (Total RSGP Value in CD-Keys = 160M!) +3 of my Accounts for a good Turmoil Zerker or just a regular Berserker Pure. Ill take a Starter zerker because I do enjoy working on accounts. But im tired of the ones I got and want something new Account 1: Stats: Quests: Items: Account 2: Stats: Quests: Account 3: Stats: Quests: Items:[PAYPAL/RSGP] §elling a Very Very Sexy Lvl75 Combat Pking Account [Pp/RSGP] ( 1 2)HELLO THERE BlueCross selling a very nice Pk'ing account here post your offers and add your if your interested/pm me An OMM can be used at YOUR expense, Past passwords Recoveries Membership info Date created ect.. WILL be provided upon purchase A/W 50m Current Bid----25m Post 's if interested:)[RSGP]Level 79 members[RSGP]Hi I am selling my level 79 with members. I will take swaps such as, accounts with dt done. This account is not meant for pking, I have tried and it pretty much sucks at it. Well anyways heres pictures. I will give image of offences on Unless 2 people want to see them. :[email protected] A/w:20m Bid away!Buying pure (1-5 def) MUST HAVE 90+ STATSAlready Found An Account. Thank You KodakBuying 1 def pureLooking for a max/nearly max 1 def pure. Quested and all that other good stuff. 80+ dung is a win. I am trading my 137 main for your pure + 25-100M (negotiable) sythe/showthread.php?t=1213043[RSGP]Beastly Handcannon-pure with very original name (CB 71) 2x99 1x97 3x80+ [RSGP]Hello, I'm selling this really good Handcannon-pure because I'm really low on RSGP, and I'm realizing that if I want to get on with RS, I really have to sell some of my accounts and one of them is this one. It has really nice stats as you can see below on the pictures, 99 Fishing which allow you to fish Rocktail. Also it has 97 Thieving, almost 99 and 89 Smithing which can be a really good profit. It has 99 Cooking tho so never burns food. I will not go first, depends on your trust. We will use an VMM : YOU pay the fee's. Pictures: A/W = 30M !!!Selling combat 82+2 pure.So yeah, havent played rs with this account for long time, now its time to sell this. Im first owner, i got all the information you will need to recover account. Pictures : It has 86 quest points wich includes DT,MM,RFD (mith gloves ). If theres something you wanna talk about feel free to add my messenger [email protected] Accepting runescape gold. A/W 100mLevel 90! Username Login! Total level of 1191-Holiday Items-YOYO - 8.3m -3.5m ItemsSelling This Account! Very Good Name! Username: Tntbug Quest Points: 115 Current Bid: $30 Skills Items I am taking RSGP and Paypal. Pm me with offers or post Below | | / Thanks, Jokerrr
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