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    Buying any account with 80+ dung!Hey guys! Wrote here, and I'm looking for any account with 80+ dungeoneering! preferably a low lvl, but I'll take anyone. and i'm offering a level 135 main sythe/showthread.php?t=1117292 I will go first, if your trustworthy! Please get back to me, eager to get a account. : [email protected] 78+1hi, i am selling a level 78+1, its combat skills are 81 hitpoints, 79 strength, 94 magic, 88 ranged, 52 prayer, 26 defence, 60 attack, and 4 summoning. it has desert treasure done, taking offers.Maxed Pure! FULLY Quested! Firecape! [RSGP ONLY]Selling my fully quested and maxed pure! The account will come with 0 gp but will have main pking supplies. There are no recovs/email as I have removed them because I intended to sell. Pictures: Post your best offers and add me on at [email protected] lvl 92 tankerselling rs acc lvl 92 with 86craft 45pray 84hp 70def 99range i accept rs cash offer or rs items my is :: [email protected][RSGP] Selling good skiller/f2p 40def pure [CHEAP]So I made this acc way back, has a very original name, can still be turned into many diff types of pures, it just has a very good start. Made recovs way back, I don't know how to take them off, and dont even know the answers. Bank has about 400k membs items, and 200k f2p items. MM is finished. Starting price is 10m. I will go first if your trusted, if not we'll have to work something out.selling MADE TO ORDER PURESI am new to this site and working on a couple of pures in my free time to sell in either cash or rsgp. I currently have no vouches but ill use a of your choosing (must be legit) right now im currently working on 60 attack 85 str but I can alter these levels as required. I can also load mils onto the account (if paypal), but due to the limited ammount of Mils i have I will be charging 1 USD per mil (I know this is higher than most people) Please let me know if you are interested. my is [email protected] please message me if interested. 85 MINING CAN ALSO BE ADDED FOR $10 USD OR 15M TO WHATEVER PRICE WE AGREE UPON FOR ALL OTHER STATS mods ifI have done something wrong here please let me know. I am new to the site but have heard some great things about it from friends. I am excited to use it now that I have something to sell.[185+ Vouches][~40 Acc's Sold] Lvl 62 Pure | 99 Magic | Def 1SOLD! Check for more amazing accounts found in my account store. Thank you.[$] 80 Attack/Strength/Defence/HP/ - 87 Woodcutting | 1 Everything ElsePictures: No blackmarks or love you like that. Looking for a fast dealer, I may go first if that pleases you. Start bid: 10$ Autowin: 60$ : [email protected]
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