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    Swapping my 134 for purePure must have: Magic: 82-99 Range: 70-99 Str: 75-99 Pray: 1-52 Def: 1-45 (all def must be quested) Att: 60-75 And mm + dt done Some wealth value would be appreciated as well, but is optional. If you are trustworthy, I will go first, if not, im not having a 5th account scam for me, sorry, it's not happening, I'd like to do business here, if you don't want to, then get off this thread, simple as that. Now, as far as my main goes, here he is, the recoveries are being deleted as I am posting this thread, I'll update log-in screen when changed. His wealth is maybe 10m, hes got some brawlers on him (useful ones like range/smith), some overloads and extremes, and 5m cash, it's not really worth a pic though, I'll show the cash though, rest is items. Rsn is Mr Ganjahead, check em out if you'd like. This guy has 287 questpoints and curses as well. I'll be on him accumulating more money as the day goes on, so... I am the original owner of the account, I can and will supply every bit of info I can possibly remember (there were like 20+ passwords used, I'll give the ones I can remember) This guy was made in 2003 so whoever wants that 10 year cape thats coming out, you'll have it in no time, please! enjoyswapping decked 123 w/ 99 att and magic for pureNot looking for any certain type of pure, so throw me some offers. My is [email protected] accounts for sale........Will not go first will use trusted mm if needed... i am original owner to all botted accounts!!!! ***Only accepting paypal or runescape gp*** *****First two account pictures are 83 combat offers plz *****Third picture is 63 combat offers plz *****Fourth picture is 73 combat offers plz *****Zeal account is 26 combat offers plz [email protected] or contact my partner : [email protected] trusted on sythe plenty vouchers-sythe/showthread.php?t=1074325selling bundle of accountsI will not go first im new to posting on sythe but been watching the forum for a while now. we can get mm or omm im not payin tho have fun bidding on accounts. ps i only want rsgp thanks selling lvl 92 acc with 99 fishing!!! it has 15.8m and has no recovs or email, and it is currently a member account till april 11 so hurry and buy. Selling my skiller lvl 3, 99 cooking, 92 fishing, 88mining, 76 wc. like 20k on account so not much money. never been mem. This is my favorite account but time to sell. it is a lvl 77 with 5 99!!!!! 99 Agility !!!! 99 cooking, firemaking, fletching, and woodcutting. has 11.3m and has some other ok stats 73 fishing and 57 thieving. so have fun bidding on this account. also is a great money maker and will be a member till next month. this is my lvl 76 for sale. it has 99 thieving!! 71 runecrafting and 86 strength. it s a pretty beast account. sadly no money on account. but 99thieving is a great money making stats. This is my f2p main it is a lvl 92 with 70 att 82 strength 72 def 75 range 41 prayer 42 mage and 79 hp. it has no money on it either but u can kill stuff for money also has 35 dung.[PayPal] SELLING CB: 99 TOTAL: 1715 100$ or 110M RSGP [PayPal] : [email protected] PM me on RS2: L2Lvl Combat: 94+5 (has 1 month membership) please post below or add me on .Selling Amazing Ini Pure! Firecape l Rune Gloves l Fully Quested [RSGP]SOLD!! for 120$ to Im Quality.Selling lvl 73 boxing staker. ( 1 2)SOLD to Time2quit for 19MIndioBeltran's Account Shop [PP][RSGP]Account 1: DEF Staker Stats: Profile:*No Registered Email *New Rec. ?s Set. Will give answers upon purchase of course. Items:*Full Statius [Non-Corrupt] Estimated Decay = 25 min. TOPS! *Vesta's Longsword [Non-Corrupt Price= 60m+] Estimated Decay = 25 Min. TOPS. *Corrupt Morrigan's Leather Armor.... Estimated Decay = 5 Min. Never really used. Overall the account is great for Melee Stakes with Armor on of course. As you can see it has no GP etc. but the items left on the account that cannot be XFER'd are worth tons to stakers at this time. The VLS alone is easily worth 30m+ if able to sell at its current state. Full Statius on the market runs at about 15m and at it's state now its easily worth 7-8m. It recently lost its membership so I cannot prove that these items are non-corrupt but I'm also not going to waste another $6 on a membership pin just to prove it. Current Offer: N/A A/W: $115 or 125M RSGP Account 2:Starter Pure Proof Of No Rec ?'s etc: Stats: Great pking account and has potential to be even greater. I know it has 7 def which is why this account would be a great Branch off account towards Init/Prossy/Rune/Zerker etc. Has MM done already of course. Accepting offers only no set price. I am willing to go first to Trusted Members but I will decide whether you are trusted or not =p. I don't mind using OMM but I will not handle the fees. I've been a Sythe member for a long time it's just i've been a consumer and not much of a Seller. Offer away Current Offer: N/A A/W: $45 or 55M RSGP Account 3: 20 DEF Pure Profile: Stats: Portion of Bank: Info: 20 Def pure account with a "RARE" name. It has 7 spaces and 5 letters so it's old school. The bank in total with what was shown and what is still in bank may end up totaling out to 4-5m at most so it doesn't have much of a bank that's for sure. The account is stacked and ready to pk as long as it gets some GP on it. It would be a great account for someone wanting to create a Turmoil Rune Pure or a Zerker in general. I had a lot of luck on this account back in 06' during OLD wild days so I hope it's the same for you. If interested just post an offer or of course Auto Win is always an option. Current Offer: A/W:$80 or 90M RSGP Account 4: 1 DEF Pure Profile: *New Rec. ?'s Answers will be Given on Purchase Stats: Portion of Bank: Info: 1 DEF Pure account with a AMAZING Range level and Very high melee stats for that combat level to go with it. Makes a great Range to DDS or Claws account. The bank is 2m+ including everything in the bank etc. Showed just a portion of the bank items just because. If you're looking for a range based account at the lower 60 combat range then you have found the perfect account. Has the theiving to train at Yanille dungeon for some Fast Range xp and GP training. PM me your if interested. Current Offer: A/W:$70 or 80M RSGP Info: I've been a Sythe member for quite some time now I'm just not as Active as most. I should definitely have more vouches etc. but I never really worried about it when I had the chance to get them all. For now on obviously I will be racking up on Vouches. Anyways, I will go first to Trusted Members of course. And i'm willing to use an OMM if you're willing to take the fees. PayPal Gift or RSGP will serve as payment for all transactions. Also, If Recovery questions on the account you'd like to purchase have recently changed I will be giving the answers to the questions as soon as Purchase Clears. Recovery Tests will be done if asked for. If interested PM me your and I will get to you ASAP. Now implemented Auto Win prices so if you're looking for any of the accounts FAST/EASY get at me. Happy Trading Fellas : [email protected] The Only One of Many Vouches that I Kept =[: Quote: Originally Posted by CephaXz This guy is legit, no worries trading with him!
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