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    [60 PRAY] Awesome Pure!!! [PP/RSGP]No email / Recovery questions will be given to you upon purchase! i225.photobucket/albums/d...g?t=1306516570 It's an overall amazing account, however I'm not looking for much. I'm accepting PayPal and RSGP. Offer away![Paypal/Mail]Selling 99 range pure [Trusted]Best offer wins. We will decide who goes first during trade, any MM I must pre-approve and PM checks will be done. Paypal, or Mail. Paypal must be sent gifted with a note of my choosing or the trade will be considered a void. I do not hold much information about the account, but it is 100% mine. I can give a few previous passwords and membership information. [email protected], add at free will. Thanks! Lead: 40$Selling Range Pure 30m RsgpMessage me on [email protected] it has monkey madness done and halfway through desert treasure, its not done but its realy good for range staking. it never loses a stakeSelling Level 72 D Clawer 99 magic 20M+ BankI am looking to trade this old runescape account that I have not used in awhile for a black ops 14th-15th account or paypal. I have all the recovery information and there is no recovery questions or email set. We will use a Omm you pay fee's. I WILL NOT GO FIRST. My is [email protected] or you can private message your GT and we can talk on xbox (I'd prefer the 2n) DESERT TREASURE IS COMPLETEDSelling claw rusher 63 combat 82 mageShow you pics on cuz swiftkit is being gay. Great for rushing or just 1v1'ing :[email protected][rsgp] Maxed Rapier Pure Combat 91 [rsgp]MAXED RAPIER PURE. SELLING FOR RSGP. Picture:tinypic/view.php?pic=2rfvket&s=7Selling level 82 Staker.Level 82. No black marks. Keen to sell it asap. A/w 5m i will not go first.[RSGP][PP][SWAP]Buying a 1 Def strength pure|Must be a trusted member[RSGP][PP][SWAP]I'm looking to buy a one defence strength pure for a swap including two accounts, or rsgp/ paypal. Stat requirments: 60 Attack 85+ Strength 1 Defence (Is a must) 85+ Range 94+ Mage Must have DT.MM and some of RFD done. The swap would include: sythe/showthread.php?t=956926 and sythe/showthread.php?t=956926. If you have an account like the one i am looking for feel free to add my : [email protected] or post.
Thread Status:
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