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    Selling Lvl 88 zerk, QUESTED!Hello Sythe Murceykiller again sellin my zerker in the making, Just can't get into it, and with some new accounts i bought i just have no desire to work on it. its 70 attack 85 str and 46 def. Has dt, rune gloves and other quest for a zerker. Not sure what i can get for it but leave your offer and message me on . My : [email protected] my vouches : sythe/showthread.php?p=9111607#post9111607 [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] sythe/showthread.php?p=9111607#post9111607 vouches : [email protected] Happy bidding =)cheap level 82 paypal.. norecovieries 92 ranged 80 hp over 10m cash and itemsgood account to train on .. Im quiting today and selling it for 50 dollars usd .. so if you want it let me know via private message or [email protected] thank you have a nice day. 92 ranged 80 hp 72 wc over 8m in coins and 10m altogether including items .. 28 days member credit left. avas accumulator and other quests done. need your paypal email to verify you have a paypal account .. i will request a payment after i give you the account information besides the pin once i get the money i will give you the pin aswell so it might be easier just to send it at once but that is up to you.. what do you guys think i think thats a hella good price for what i got into it .. counting the members credit and cash your only really paying like 35-40 bucks.. even though its 55.[RSGP]~~ Selling Pure with 94 Dung, 2 Chaotics, Ancients.~~ [RSGP]SOLD to youaintreadybro for 120m. ThanksSelling runescape account cheap as hell great deal20 bucks for my pure .. no recoveries 25 days member credit left 2m+ in items I'm done with it so .. Any takers.. first poster that is trusted gets the deal I'll meet you in game and go first.><>looking To Swap 2 Awesome Mains For An Account With Turmoil!<><>hello I am trying to swap my two mains (links to them below) for ANY account that has TURMOIL or SOUL SPLIT sythe/showthread.php?t=1168433 Hit me up on if interested [email protected][PAYPAL]BEAST P2P PKer - 99 STR & RANGE - 98 MAGIC - 87 HP - RUNE GLOVES - 1472 TOTALSCAMMERS WALK AWAY Title says it all, I'm selling my beloved initiate pure to one lucky person I don't know how to remove recoveries now since the RuneScape update, so I'm just going to provide you with all the information, old and new, for this account. We will be using a MM, no exceptions. I will not go first, and you will not go first. YOU MUST BUY THE ACCOUNT WITH THE GP! WE WILL BE USING PAYPAL ONLY! If interested, PM me and add my , which can be found in my sig. Starting bid must be at $50! Thank you and happy bidding! **I am less then 200K EXP away from 99 Magic, so you can easily achieve it yourselfPure - cb 65 - 72str - 74rng - 61atkbasic quests complete, mith gloves + avas + mm etc. Bank of low worth (750k ish) ask for to give offers if you are interested. rspg only please Can post screen shots if needed. Thanks.###### 1 def pure #####newww threadddd
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