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    [RSGP]Selling 4 85 Dung Accounts, 1 FDK Ready!![RSGP]I am selling 4(FOUR) 85 Dung accounts, 1(ONE) of which is FDK ready and has fairly high combat stats. The other 3(THREE) could be made fdk ready in less than a day. All of these accounts were made by me. All of these have 1 summoning too, if that is of any importance to you. [font size="20"]account 1[/font] A/W = 200M[/H2] because it has fairly high cmb and other stats. This acc gets me 700-800k/hr at frosties I will be removing the email registration after I sell it. [H2]account 2 A/W = 150M[/H2] [H2]account 3 A/W = 150M[/H2] [H2]account 4 A/W = 80M[/H2] [H2]A/W ALL: 450M[/H2] You could easily start a fairly profitable goldfarm operation in a day with all of these. ~10M/day/account*30days/month * $.5/M * 4accounts = $600/month * 12 = $7200/year. Pretty damn good for 30 minutes of setup/day. [H2]Account 5: In Progress A/W: 300M[/H2] 95atk 96str 95def but only has 83 dung atm. I'm working on getting it to 85 dung but if you want it right away, then just let me know. This can probably get 1.1M/hr at frosties It also has a few 99s on it like fletching. RSGP ONLY. Any other payment methods will be ignored. Either you go first or we use OMM at your expense. Post your offers here or add me on : [email protected] edit: how do i change my font size lol. thank you[RSGP] 60 Attack 99 Strength 1 Defence [Sw Prod] *Amazing Claw Rusher*Hey everyone I'm selling this pure for RSGP. Autowin - 50M : [email protected] : Mw2_Monster********** luring on rs - main luring, rare luring Luring on my maxed account, got 3 pro talkers/lurers come watch aiming for atleast 20 viewers please watch. ********** status:ONLINE. :>87cmb ZERK quested 30mListen, I am trying to get rid of this account ASAP. I am willing to use an MM, or whatever it takes to sell this account The stats are solid, no black marks no botting, fully quested!!! First one with 30m gets itO Bi's account shopI will NEVER go first unless your trusted, all accounts are up for sale... the A/W on any of them are 10M. Without further a due lets get to the accounts #1 90 mage i52.tinypic/2elqqoo.jpg i51.tinypic/35167fl.jpg i55.tinypic/2mxhjxk.jpg #2 77 mage 10 hp, Rare name i56.tinypic/11jm6jd.jpg i55.tinypic/1z3rsip.jpg i55.tinypic/2eam81l.jpg #3 60+ combat stats 71 fishing i56.tinypic/b46fcz.jpg i55.tinypic/4lkjzm.jpg i54.tinypic/iylno6.jpg #4 70+ combat stats 79 fishing i51.tinypic/2m8635e.jpg i52.tinypic/15zl54g.jpg i53.tinypic/1zntkl2.jpg my is [email protected] my is james.howard34 add me on either one for negotiations and to do the deal99 str 11 def need rs goldhp: 79 str: 99 att: 77 mage: 85 def: 11 has steel gloves any other questions just ask just looking for offers at the moment i need rs golddddd[PAYPAL] Selling a level 81 ZERK 5$ [PAYPAL]Selling this decent lvl zerker it has 45 defence i did not quest most of the def xp, here are some screenies about it I WANT AN OFFICIAL MIDDLE MAN IF YOU WANT TO GO FIRST AND I'LL PAY THE FEE'S IF HE PROVES HE'S TRUSTED IN SYTHE , MY e-mail is [email protected] pm yours to add you myself. Screenies of Combat Level/Stats/Quest Points: PLEASE POST AS FAST AS YOU CAN 5$[CHEAP]Stevethemagic's HUGE ACCOUNT SALEsold to Hesmydad
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