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    3space Name pure/firecape/96range/95mage QuestedSelling lvl 73+7 Pure (3space name) Stats - 60att/82str/1def/95mage/96range/52pray/57summon/Firecape. Mith gloves/MM & DT done. -Not going first unless you are trusted & You pay Omm fee's - Add my : [email protected] Ask for vouchesSelling cb 78 dung 86 pure!!!! def 4cb 78 Offer me prices here.. only rsgp! and leave ur here too. i will not go first. we can use vmm! i know that im new but im not a scammer. my old username here was eku* but i forgot pw and appeals wasn't answered. Uploaded with[PP or RSGP] Selling level 69 VERAC Staker [PP or RSGP]Hello As the title says I'm selling a level 69 VERAC Staker, i'm looking for either a Paypal payment or RSGP for the account. The reason I am selling the account is because it's literally just sitting there doing nothing as I had quit runescape once again. I'm looking for either $20 - $30 or RSGP at $0.65/mZerker Pure level 89~ 99 MAGIC | 90 RANGE | 89 STRENGTH [PAYPAL]Hello, today im selling this amazing zerker pure. Why? I quit runescape do to being hacked. But anyways the account has 94 hunter 99 magic 89 strength and 42 defence. We can use OMM if you want since im new to this and you might not trust me but it will be at your cost. Im only accpeting Paypal, So if you offer anything else or swaps it will be counted as spam. It also has full void. I will provide all the old information and once i have a buyer the recovery questions will be off. AW/$85 SB/$20 Heres the stats: : [email protected][RSGP] Selling superb 94cmb tank with 99range,94mage,88str,70def ( 1 2)Hello my fellow sythe members. I am currently selling my fatastic tank pker because i have a better one with better stats and lower combat. This one was created and trained by me and only me. Though it has 70def and high str, it is still ranged based ;] Account has DT, Lunars, MM done. Payment method : RSGP ONLY Trade method : You go first/ OMM at your expenses Picture : Please leave your contacts here ;]Selling Level 90 was def 1 now 40!!!(still MemberWell bassicly I am selling this old pure of mine it got addy gloves mm done dt done that ava thingy for range I will only trade Legit people otherwise get OMME ABOUT THE E-MAIL AND RECS AND BANKPIN WE WILL DISCUSS THIS WITH AN OMM OFCOURSE if you dont want an OMME Fine by me But I dont go first. __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _ I DO ACCEPT ONLY PAYPAL AND RSGP __________________________________________________ _______________ Bassicly I sell this account With the 40M If you want without No Problemo for me You can Contact me at [email protected] first post on my thread ofcourse it got everything what a pure needed so dont ask me if it got climbing boots etc... __________________________________________________ _______________ PICS [Rsgp] 68 combat rapier stakerWe will use OMM or you will go first. You will pay fee's A/w:50m+OMM fee's Keep in mind it has a nearly full membership (10m) and 2m on acc. Post your offers. Thank you.RAPIER STAKER /w 99att 99str 85def 96hp 1pray/summon! ( 1 2)[sold
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