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    [**********] LIVE STAKING COME WATCH!! [**********]
    Hey guys, bored so I put ********** up for some more staking currently at a 7b bank, made it all from staking so come watch if you want to learn a thing or two, playing songs according to requests in chatbox. ********** status: ONLINE edit; NEED MORE VIEWERS, 5 more viewers and my starting stake will go up to 50m.selling a lvl 79 with 60 att 98 str 10 def!hello, im selling an account with 60 attack,98 strength 10 def, pic of stats: NOTE: its not member, good for f2p pking. interested? add: [email protected] happy bidding^^[RSGP] Selling AMAZING accounts! Maxed mains! 9hp! pro stakers! much more! [RSGP]Whats up sythe. Im looking to get rid of a ton of accounts i have laying around. only going to be taking rsgp for the moment until i can get paypal situated. Please add my and if you have any questions. ----------All accounts come recovery question and email free--------- [email protected] Account 1: Maxed main, has turmoil, great for PvM or staking. Account 2: Pro Gmaul rusher/soulwars pure. 99 mining, comes with full zammy book + mith gloves! tons of pure quest done. Account 3: Perfect Rapier Staker. 99 attack, 98 strength (200k from 99). Comes with rapier, 99 fishing and 99 hunter. Great account to make money on quick. Account 4: 9hp account! not much to explain here, pretty damn rare account, all stats are 1 except hp which is 9! Account 5: and Bunny ears account. Another rare account ive had for ages. Account 6: "Almost" maxed main. 200k from 99 hp and 300k from 98 def. could be maxed out in 2 days. Post the account number and your offer, then add me on ! [email protected][rsgp]buying pure :) [rsgp]soo im buying a pure with these requirments. 50-60attk 70-80 str 1def 70range 1-43prayer 70+ magic fire cape id love to have it if not tis be alirghty. looking to pay somewere around 15-25m please post offers or send me a pm thanks mate.[PayPal] Buying level 80+ | 50m+ bank | Your Price |I'm interested in buying a level 80+ with a 50m+ bank ($35) that is really good. PM me if you have one.[rsgp] lv100 40 defence, barrows gloves, hand cannon, high skillsEdit: Is 91 combat in f2p thats why I put in this section. Aw:50m Just trying to make some money from selling my awesome rune pure. Did alot of work on this account. Account has: Barrows Gloves Ancient spells Hand Cannon Zaniks Crossbow Crystal bow Dragon Hally Lunar spells All easy task rewards for p2p and f2p Full zamorak book High Farming Willing to go first if I think you are trusted, other wise OMM or MM fees paid by you.Level 76 selling a level 76 account its not a pure and stats arent that great 39 att 41 str 44 def 82 range 47 pray 30 mage.. pm me some offers if youd like to buy it it still has members expires oct 9thseling ags turm rune pure cheapi dont use and need cash... so shoot me an offer a/w100m
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