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    Selling lvl 62 1 def pure Cheap!Hey, I'm selling my pure for cheap. Just give me an offer and we'll see from there. The account does have recov's and email reg to it but I will remove them once I find a buyer.$$$Sellin a legend$$$$$$Will use Trusted omm only!!! $$$$$ $$$$ $$$ $$ $Looking for great pure/skillertitle says it all i am looknig for a great pure a 99(or multiple) would be a very good thing(for pure) skiller i am really intrested in 99 ofc in mining,fishing,runecrafting will offer 100m, herb ect... i am spending up to 55m since my last 4 trades have gone sour lost (over 400m) i will not be going 1st under any conditions unless your a mod, or you have been a mmeber for a long time and very reputable OOM will be used for recovery test thanks leave your and post befor you add mine my : [email protected][Paypal/RSGP] Lv 85 zerker pure w/ Fire cape, 89 range, and 85 strength!Has fire cape No Recoveries! No E-mail! I am the original owner of this account. This account has 96 qp, If you buy I will provide previous passwords, date created, isp made on and any others you might want. The account does not have recoveries. Post on here before adding my please. Will will you OMM you pay first, or you go first. Comes with soul wars bot Paypal ONLY or RSGP is [email protected] away 2 FREE pure accounts - quiting rs. ( 1 2 3)I'm quiting rs and i want to quit to end. I give away me runescape 2 accounts for FREE. 1st: pure account bank 340k cash + memb items. No member. 33qp. 2nd: pure account 91cmb range 99 bank ~100K but also have 92 dung and have 4 of the best dung items - rapier, maul, amulet, c'bow. No member. 87qp. If you realy want one of thease accounts post your posts why you need this account. The best of poster person will get account. also have : dmntas no :/99 Hunter 99 Woodcut 91 Str 72 Combat Membership AlsoSorry Thread Closed Wrong Account Not Selling[RSGP] Starter Gs Pure [RSGP]Dt/mm is not done, sorryy! ~Wealth may or may not added to the account~ I don't expect a whole lot for this account, so don't criticize thinking I do. OR Offer awayLevel 61 w/ 95 Mining VERY VERY CHEAPSOLD!!!!!!
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