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    [RSGP]Selling Awesome Gmaul rusher! Mith Gloves 94 Strength! 97 mining! 1 pray![RSGP]What up sythe, looking to sell my Gmaul rusher in hopes i can get a good price and add to my funds for turmoil on my zerker. Account has almost all pure quest done besides DT/subquest for DT. Still has 1 prayer so you can turn it into a pro staker, or keep it how is it and drop level 63's like nothing with g maul. Not looking for any swaps or paypal, just rsgp! feel free to add my if you have any questions! [email protected] [email protected] 99mage pureSelling my 99mage pure 99cooking for trimmed cape lol. selling for rsgp only i will only use a trusted sythe MM. Reason for selling is i need money for my maxed main to buy iDung and FDK. Bid on Guyz[28$ paypal] Sick 63 combat pure, all quests done. CHEAP!There is no membership left but, I can meet you in-game to prove it is my account. I will post more pics at request. The account has: Addy Gloves Dscim Dlong/DDS Ancient magic ect. in sig. Will go first if you have 15ish+ vouches.Selling Level 61 Pure For RS GP!Selling a level 61 pure its stats are: Attack: 50 Strength: 70 Defence: 1 Range: 77 Prayer: 44 Mage: 50 Constitution: 65 Agility: 21 Crafting: 15 Slayer: 30 Firemaking: 15 Woodcutting: 4 Total Level: 455 The rest of the levels are level 1. The only quest completed is 'Dwarf Cannon' This account is a great Range 2her Pure for Pking! The account has 0GP! Make your offers below on this wonderful RS account! [​IMG] [​IMG]Selling Low Level Chaotic pure |staff + arcane + maul | Fully Quested [RSGP]Greetings and welcome to my account shop. Im looking to get rid of my low level chaotic pure because I'm working on my main/staker from now on. Info: I will not go first I will use a middle man if necessary I only accept RSGP at this time The account is FULLY Quested by this i mean it has the following: Addy gloves Mind body Ancients Ava's Dragon scimitar Dragon Dagger The account also comes with the following: Chaotic maul Arcane stream Chaotic Staff + 46k extra tokens Pictures Please pm me your + post your offer on the thread.[RSGP]Selling 2 GOOD account CHEEP[PAYPAL]for both account i will accept rsgp or paypal im selling both account cuz im working on a skiller right now and need money to fund him-Start the bidding Fellow Syth Members acc #1 A/w is 30m acc#2 A/w is 35m[paypal]low Lvl Addy Turm Pure With Fire Cape, Slay Helm 80m! And More! ( 1 2)Hey guys Im selling my lvl 95 low lvl addy turm pure with a fire cape and slay helm. It has over 1500 total lvl. It has rune gloves 80m, and completed zammy book which is around 20m and many more items in bank. No bans or offences. Temple at senntisten is done and has own gilded altar at POH. This account dominates all its levels because its such a low lvl with turmoil. Account is not a member and doesnt have recoveries or email. Looking for paypal only no swaps please. Will also sell gold seperately. My is [email protected] I wont go first, buyer goes first or OMM buyer pays fees. If you have any questions just ask and post your offers here Starting Bid:70 Autowin:None[RSGP]/[PAYPAL] Selling Level 77 pure Firecape addy gloves 99range/mage 85strSupp guys today ima sell a pure for rsgp or paypal im lookin for around 200m gp or 150$ i have sold other accounts before to friends ive tried with sythe plenty of times and a bunch of scammers so if you are trying to scam do not try i am not a dumb love you i need a for this trade if your choising..make sure they POST on there threads i will not be fooled or scammed i am very careful the login is an email so don't add me if you already know it. Login: Stats: Items: My :[email protected] add me if your interested.
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