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    which account should i upgrade and use for gold farming?hey guys ill be very happy if someone tell me which account do i have to upgrade and use it for gold farming,if you know the account which goldfarming should i use for it =o?Buying A Pure Gmauler/Ranger ( 1 2)Hello, I have got fed up with my claw rushers so i thought id buy a Gmauler/ranger of sythe, i have about 50Mill RSGP to spend, i will go first to TRUSTED people, dont message me if you are wanting me to go first and your NOT trusted. What im looking for: Combat level: 60-70(NO HIGHER) Attack level:40-50 (NO HIGHER) Strength level: 80-99(NO LOWER) Defence level: MUST BE 1 (NO HIGHER) Hitpoints level: 70-90(NO LOWER) Ranged level: 80-99(NO LOWER) Prayer level: 1 (NO HIGHER) Magic level: 1-99 (ANY) Many Thanks Post Or PM Me[Selling]Turmoil Pure|99 skills|Cheap[Paypal][RSGP]Hello I am selling my starter turmoil pure. Selling for cheap. Uploaded with : [email protected] A/W:40$ or 60m I will sell for cheap so post offers. Remember paypal or RSGPSelling F2p pure 99 str!!! ( 1 2)Hi Looking to sell this f2p pure as im sick of it and need the rsgp im looking for 20m+ also forgot to add before it has a sweet looking 3 letter name.Selling 99 range tankNo email. add me on ihateniggerswhitepower. when you add me on i'll give you a picture with login and blacklistsSelling near maxed 76cb pure!Hi, after recently purchasing a new main im selling this pure to raise funds for a new rusher acc Images: Account as illustrated above has no reported disputes, comes with unholy book (About 20m gp!) and has done all necessary quests for a successful pker, EG, Desert treasure, monkey madness etc. 99 mage, 99 range, 85 strength, 90hp, 44 pray... It owns. Accepting all GP offers to be transferred to my main, Thanks[RSGP] MUST SEE l DDS PURE l CHEAP! l ADDY GLOVES + 82 mage!Hello and welcome to my thread! Il be selling my beloved one defence pure! quested! PROS: Can rush well. Dt done MM done ADDY GLOVES! Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Bid away! No current A/W LOOKING FOR OVER 20M. WILL NOT GO FIRST!Sell 93 Cb HybridSelling a level 93 Hybrid account. Stats- 94 magic 93 ranged, 72 attack 76 strength 70 defense 89 constitution. 45 Prayer, 83 thieving hunting 84 fletching 60 crafting. Has completed desert treasure lost city ava's and others needed. Accepting Paypal only. starting bid at $5 USD or AUD. A/W $35. Will be happy to use a middle man.
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