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    [RSGP] Lvl 63 D Scim/Claws Pure 70 Str, 99 Hunter DT Done!Hey guys this is the account you came here to look at: any good offers in RSGP or Swaps just post here or PM me please My is in sig also.Selling Maxed Zerker 99 STR RANGE HPUploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Hello everyone im here trying to sell my berserker pure for rsgp and rsgp only. As you can see the account is almost maxed and can easily be reached. Account has fire cape, barrows gloves, rune defender, full zammy book, fighter helm torso. Recoveries will be removed after i find a buyer. The account has no serious black marks and is still in green. Any more questions? I can be reached at [email protected] Thanks AW set at 100mAccount sale!!!Hi all selling 3 accounts preferably for RS gold but can do paypal also. 1)Zerker pure level 87 2)Strength pure level 3)On the road to obby mauler pure level 25(might chuck this account in for free if you give a decent offer for no.1 or 2). Im not too sure how this system works because this is the first time I have used Sythe. I have no intentions on playing on any of these accounts anymore and they all have 0 blackmarks. Add me on if you are interested: [email protected] "Failed" Zerker (RSGP) ( 1 2)sythe/showthread.php?t=1100715 made a new thread[RSGP] Selling my zerkker lvl 90 [DT,Lunar Done]A/W 45M! -Yes, so im selling my zerkker now for rsgp. -Pleace post your messenger and i will add it. -I will only go frist if +15 vouch. -Swap only to +20 vouch. -Remember to ask enything. -Remember to vouch. Im new on this site but i hope that i find and searious buyer. (=[rsgp]Level 77 l 99 mage&cook l 78 mining l dt done [rsgp]selling this account for rsgp simply because my main got cleaned :/ a/w is 8m but im accepting anything down to 5m aslong as trade is smooth. i really need to get back on my feet on my main :s stats: sorry if photo is unclearselling 70cb ancients pureselling lvl 70 1 def pure has dclaws and addy glovess!! have proof of stats wealth and screenies in file. i will not go first unless trusted. account has 87 qp which is really good cause it has alot of the quests to own at pking. has 18 mill cash and alot of pk gear. has ancients done. lost city. mm. dt. has 17 days memby left. reason for selling is ive started to play leageoflegends and dont play rs anymore. if interested post offer.selling level 74 pure with 99 mage look!hey im selling my pure. no recovs or email : stats: my is [email protected] a/w: not set im looking for rsgp. happy biding posts offers here and add me on i will only go first if ur trusted thanks.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.