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    Level 73 - 99 Mining, 95 Magic, MM+DT Done, Addy gloves, Fire capeAuto / Win => 40$ / 80M My - [email protected] Account will be sold to the highest bidder. I tried many guides to remove recoverys - none worked. If you know how to remove them - tell me. Trading methods: 1. We use OMM/VMM if you pay fees 2. You go first 3. I will go first only if you have 50+ vouches/feeds ( nowdays its nothing ) Notable things: 1. 99 mining 2. 95 magic 3. Fire cape 4. Monkey madness completed 5. Desert treausure completed 6. Addy gloves 7. Membership till 04 August[PP][RSGP] 93 cb HYBRIDSelling 93 combat hybrid account will post pictures if I get serious offers, looking for 20m rsgp or $20 paypal. Notable stats- 94 magic DT done, 93 range (ava done) 70 defence, 45 prayer, 89 hitpoints. 72 attack 76 strength, 80+ hunter theiving and fletching.[RSGP] Selling 3 LETTER NAMES!The names availible are: 1eg 1ob 1ap 1id 1ux pm is suggested but bids and posts can be done here[rsgp]initiate Pure Fully Quested[rsgp]Hey guys, its me paingod. AGAIN. you can contact me through : [email protected] I'm going to sell an Initiate Pure which has been sitting around my textedit since about... a year ago. I'm deciding to sell this as I don't have any plans on using this ever again. Defense is fully quested. Recovery Questions: REGISTERED E-mail: REGISTERED MMing Trade Process: 1st: You give the money to the MM 2nd: I give the account info to the MM 3rd: MM checks account if its real 4th: MM gives you the account 5th: MM gives me the RSGP I will be using ll champion as the MM. Starting bid is 3m. PICS: QUESTS: BANK: STATS: BLACKMARKS:Selling near MAXED Hybrid - CB 75/99MAGE/97RANGE!Selling my combat 75, 1 defence pure with MEMBERSHIP. Looking to sell for RSGP for my main. NO RECOVERY questions set and NO EMAIL registered. All recommended quests are completed, including addy gloves. All offers will be acknowledged. Thankyou. Stats: s1117.photobucket/albums/...nt=pure3-1.png UPDATE: 98 RANGE, 88 HP No recovery or email: s1117.photobucket/albums/...%3Dpure1-1.png Quested items: s1117.photobucket/albums/...%3Dpure2-1.png PM, POST, or [email protected] hybrid pure(rsgp)title sais it all pm or post here if u got 1 to sellselling 84cb 99str 99range pure watch!im selling 84cb with 99str 99range 60att 91hp 87 mage 44 pray 20def 86mining 162 qp aw 250m this account has no bank account cleaned in duel stakes. I'm accepting rsgp because money goes my turmoil pure. Also accepting money from paypal. : [email protected][TRUSTED] Level 82 -70 str--65att--65def-- [TRUSTEDRsgp Payments Only! Post Below If Interested !! Negotiating Prices !! Give Me An Offer I Wont Walk Away From!
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