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    Selling ALOT of accounts ( 1 2)Account #1: Frost Dragon Killer/Almost Maxed Barrows Pure Has 10m+ worth of FDK gear, fully charged rapier. Has Lunars/Ancients quested. HAS ARCANE STREAM + Katana with 2 months membership left! Username Log in, Will do recovery test with a trusted MM or OMM. Current Bid: 20m from PurePkingsRS A/W: 75m Account #2: Frost Dragon Killer Has 5m+ worth of FDK gear, fully charged rapier, and an assortment of holiday items (Rubberduck, Veteran Cape, Yo-yo) + 2 months membership! Username log in, will do a recovery test with a trusted MM or OMM. Current Bid: A/W: 50m Account #3: Pro claw rusher/Staker SOOLLDLD Account #4: 99 mining pure Email Log-in, recovery test can and will be done by a trusted MM or OMM of your choice. Current Bid: 15m A/w: 25m My is [email protected] My is rondosythe Have fun bidding, I've loved these accounts, but now it's time to go to college and quit. You must be wondering why I'm asking for GP, it's because GP is impossible to be chargebacked. I'll sell the GP once I'm finished selling these. If you feel safer using PA, I'm comfortable with using it. If you want to pay using real life money, I'll see if you are trusted, then I'll decide. Thanks for looking.Several PERFECTED/UNDERPRICED PURES~ UNBEATABLE STATS [TRUSTED]Closing This Thread Because Of Admin Ownage, And I'm Going To Make A Deal Thread[RSGP]lvl 61 96 MAGE+96HUNTER DT DONE-CheepIts a really good account Wrecks in Dule Areana Or Pk just Offer on the acc i will take the higest Bid VERY SOON[20 Vouches+]Buying Dung pures![Trusted]Hello, i am currently looking for a few accounts with 80-85 dung. The accounts can be pretty much any level but i'd rather have a good combat level. Il be paying with my paypal witch is banked funded and premium. Post your offers!Max Pure |low Combat|Fully Quested|Cheap price | 09' MemberFirst and foremost Let me start off by saying I ACCEPT RSGP WU Well since the update, Recovs can no longer be instantly removed, thus accounts without them are more easier to sell/buy. Autowin = [120m] or 50$ WU My account is fully pro quested, addy gloves, MM, DT, every pure quest basically. You could just Prot melee in wild,barrage to Gmaul spec people all day long. Gmauling you do get a few opportunities to ko claws/ags/blades... You can gmaul/f2p pk/ thats why this acc is 50attack,simply so you can make it into whatever you want or keep it how it is. ALSO THE ACCOUNT HAS G-SHORTBOW and 125k DG TOKENS left. Another thing I must add before you post. Please do not offer anything less than 1/2 of my autowin. It will be completely ignored. The price is cheap as is. [email protected] Post here with your , or I simply won't add.. I've about 5 vouches, I've been here a while now, Bid away/ take the autowin Asking a cheap autowin to get this account out of my possessions. I have p2p card info, I have recoverable information. I'm looking for a smooth trade. You are 1 Magic level away from Miasmic, and it is 76 combat THAT IS DOPE!RSGP Lvl 99 Main 99fletching with torsohere are a few picks of bank and stats will sell for rsgp you must pay me first or use a mm account will be sold to highest offer first come first serveWTT my US WoW lvl 85 mage for a good runescape pureTitle says it all. I'm trusted so i won't be going first. This isn't a scam, I have too many WoW accounts and don't ever play on this guy. Mage has epic flying, maxed enchanting and tailoring. No alts, just the 85. Pure must have 1 defence and major quests completed. Thanks : [email protected][RSGP] Hybrid Pure [RSGP]The account level is 61 and it a Hybrid Pure with DT and monkey madness done and some other quests. I will accept RSGP...add my , or in my signature to disscuss. Post here if you can't read , or or have any question. If you interest please post your contact detail and bidding prices. Will MM if you want. -Pictures of the account stats- -Pictures of the login details- I will post tommorow if you want to. I will also remove recovery question. -Pictures of the total wealth- About 500k somthing Im too lazy to do this part. Will do if you want... -Pictures of the total quest points- It 63 pictures below -Pictures of the quests completed- There more quest if you want I can show all tommorow. Few bank pictures ( If you want to see the whole bank I will upload) Don't bid below 5m because this account worth more than that. Just bid your price and I will think about if it worth selling at your bidding price.
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