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    Sellling account for cheap!!!!!Selling this account for cheap runescape gold or through pay pal email me at [email protected] or private message me!! someone buy its a good account!Selling a decent pure for cheap lvl 60 70 wc 44 prayer 63 mage 50 rangeSIZE="5"]selling account for around 7-9mill runescape gold or like $10 pay pal!![/size]Cb 76 Claws Rusher, 97 Strength , 86 Range, Mem till June15!!!Hey guys , I am selling this pure as you can see. The membership is until June 15 because I added some more but I didn't update the picture. Its combat level is 76. The bank is about like 300k. The email will be removed once a buyer is found . UPDATE: ACCOUNT HAS 97 STRENGTH AND 87 RANGE. This account is a great claws rusher because it is very near 99 strength.[SWAP] looking for a Dclaw pure! swapping for a lvl 78 hybrid with 3 99s!The title says the most. i am looking for a Dclaw pure (dont need claws), Preferably with 1def 99str and 60 att. Will be swapping for a lvl 78 cb range/mage hybrid with 3 99s. sythe/showthread.php?t=1137777 ^pics above. Please post on this thread before adding my . Turmoil Pure|Fully quested| 84 dung |RSGPATTENTION: ALL TURM QUESTS ARE DONE NOW HAS CURSES - Looking to sell my initiate pure. - I only Accept RSGPAnd Wu. - It is 30 def with turmoil. - Has rune gloves, dagon hai robes, avas, DT, ext. - I am the original owner and will provide all details. - Starting bid: 50m - A/W: Unknown - Please post your offer and your . Pictures[PP/RSGP]Level 88|Korasi's Sword Pure|10 Def|78 Atk|99 Str|96 Rng|94 Mage|94 Hunt|;D ( 1 2 3)Hello Sythe! I'm here to sell my account that I haven't been playing for quite a while. In fact, I haven't touched it for almost 2 months. I am the original owner of this account and will supply every detail you'll need. Anyways, recently I've been working on my maxed main that had just recently turned 70 def from 45 def turmoil zerk, and I'm kinda running short on bank since I plan on getting 99 summoning.(Oh and in case you didn't know, 10 DEF is a unavoidable requirement for the korasi's sword quest) Anyways, why buy this account? Because it's a level 88 with Korasi's sword AND 99 strength, which allows it to easily hit 500 on another main or rune pure at the same cmb. Now that the 76k risk has been removed, I have been welfaring with 20k base risk (power ammy, attractor, msb, 20 rune arrows, black d'hide chaps, mith gloves) and constantly getting free kills from mains (random msb+korasi speccing combo ftw). Also note that the relatively low HP means that you get an advantage by staying lower CMB (lots of tanks after 90 cmb) The account also comes with: - About 8M bank - Pk supply/gear main tab - Complete Unholy (zammy) book (about 10m for page set) and Ancient Book - A money making 94 hunter! Puro puro ;D Below are the pics: No registered email, No recovery questions The account is in green zone Bank and stats Quest items (Korasi's! Oh, 101 QP if you were wondering) Current bid: (none active offers) Autowin: $100 / 200M Currently accepting RSGP and Paypal sent as gift. Will go first to people I deem very trusted, otherwise will use OMM at your expense. Please post here to make an offer![PAYPAL]Lvl 107 Pker. 4 99's OVERLOADS,3 CHAOTICS,99 DUNG, 99 HERB, 99 AGI 99 STR 60MPayment and rules -I am selling this account for RSGP AND PAYPAL only. -Autowin is 200m or 130$ . Also accepting rares such as Santa hats, edibles, H'ween masks, etc. Willing to also sell for less than the a/w -I will NOT go first . You go first otherwise we can use a mm you pay fees. -Post here or add my : [[email protected]] The account has VENG, BARRAGE, TELEBLOCK, and is basically a zerker killer. If you get 70 defence you can wear ahrims to basically beat the crap out of any zerker hybrid your level. It is also 138k exp from 99 str. Happy Bidding!Selling level 83 with 99 magic![RSGP]Only problem is he is perm muted but you can still try to apply an appeal. 75 attack 76 strength 43 prayer 82 mining and 99 magic. I spent 30m trying to get 99 magic. Ill take 15m-20m rs gold or an account you have in mind. :[email protected]
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