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    [RSGP]Selling lvl 65 pure, 92 Str! [RSGP] ( 1 2)Hey, selling my pure account that I no longer play. There's no bank on the account. Just give me a offer and we'll see from there. If you need more info/pictures let me know. Recov's/email reg will be deleted/changed once I find a buyer. I will not go first, we will either use a OMM/MM and split the fee's or you will go first and we dont have to pay any fee's.[Paypal] Selling level 90 rs acc, 99 Woodcutting only 10$Post here, add me on windows messenger,or add me on to buy : Codie8888 Windows MSGR: [email protected][RSGP] Amazing 60 Attack Zerker -4x 99's - B Gloves - Turmoil - Overloads!![RSGP]Hello & Welcome to my thread today i am selling this Amazing 60 Attack Zerker it has Overloads , Barrow Gloves , 190 Qp , Desert Treasure And All The Quest's Needed For Pking Done WE WILL BE USING A MIDDLE MAN,Unless Your Willing to Go First. If You have any Question's Feel free to post or Add me on Which is : [email protected] Combat Level : 95+6 Starting Bid:100M A/W:250M99 Str| 99 Rng| 96Mage| NORECOVS| 125k Tokens| Pure BeastFirst and foremost Let me start off by saying I ACCEPT RSGP WU AND MAYBE PP NO SWAPS Well since the update, Recovs can no longer be instantly removed, thus accounts without them are more easier to sell/buy and should be more money. Autowin = $80.00 PP [150m] 60$ WU Another thing I must add before you post. Please do not offer anything less than 1/2 of my autowin. It will be completely ignored. The price is cheap as is. [email protected] Post here with your , or I simply won't add.. I've about 5 vouches, I've been here a while now, Bid away/ take the autowin73 cb , fire cape , addy gloves , 91 range , 94 mage. ( 1 2)Add me: [email protected] Selling for Paypal , or Rsgp.Range/Str PureHello Im thinking of Trading or Selling My Pure. Stats r 40Attack 93 Strength 5def 85 Range 55 Magic. 77 Hp Im at 63 combat (account is doing Soulwars ATM current Zeal count is 320 So almost 96str or Around 90 range Add it up :S ) If u Want to wait About 2 Weeks the account will Be 99str 90-95 Range. Current offer is 35m I will remove the email and Recoverie Questions from the account And go first if u are Highly Trusted If Not Split omm Fees? im new to these forums but have sold alot on others.Zerker F2p And Members PkerHello Im selling my old Zerker Because i Just got a maxed 1. Id rather email All pics because Just email [email protected] with any questions. Stats R 61 Attack 93 Str ( Currently Doing soulwars 470 Zeals ATM) 45Def ( Quested Defence Exp) 99 Range (I have Full range Void Armor Farmed) 55 (magic When 99str is Done I plan to Alch to 99Mage) 44 Prayer (if you Desire Any higher we Maybe be able to work something out The reason why i have 44 Is Because I Use it F2p Range 2h staker.) The Account Has A few none combat skills from questing But nothing super High. The Account has never had an offence against it. The Account is 89 Combat. Im Not looking for anything Massive for this account. I will Remove all recovs and Give u email Pass. I will go First if trusted Or pay for omm! Current Bid: 15m + level 54 Strength pure.[Trusted][RSGP] BUYING A F2P PURE[RSGP][TRUSTED]Title says all. Only buying from trusted.
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