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    [Turmoil Pure]-[Fire Cape]-[Overloads]Selling my very good turmoil pure, it has like 1-2mil bank i cleaned it, it still has its fire cape, rc robes, and around 50 overloads and extremes. Looking for RSGP to my main as the main source of payment. It has no recoveries and it has an email that i will change to yours after payment, going first to trusted. Add me on ill be on the rest of the night when i get back in an hour or so.Swapping This For A Pure Or Range Tank Or PaypalHey Its Evolved Here With My LVL 122 Account I Am Swapping This For Range Tank's Or Pure's! Pictures:[TRUSTED] Selling Obby mauler with 1 Attack and 86 Strength!Info about the account - No recoveries - No email registered - No black marks - No bankpin - I will go first to trusted members else we use Omm. PicturesSelling lvl 63 staker * GREAT MONEY MAKER*Hey guys I am selling this level 63 staker -Includes Unique name Lower PRAYER RANGE AND MAGE ( it is a staker ) Great money maker Mithril gloves ( only needs cooking for addy) Fully quested ( besides DT ) Great Pker Low level Highest str for it's level Been a member once NO RECOVS Will sell to -Trused members only dispite me being a leacher I will -Go first only trusted members only or you will go first No -refunds past 24 hours Do -Feel free to contact me on Messenger A/W -10-15m highest bidder gets it nothing below Nothing -Below 8M do not waste your time I will -Vouche and provide all information for this accounts as long as the trade goes ACCORDINGLY TO PLANS! PICS: -STATS: tinypic/r/14jnqjo/7 -QUEST: tinypic/r/2002ro8/7 -LOGIN: tinypic/r/33ayovm/7 -LEVEL: 63 Contact information -leave your in the post I will add you. Bidding: starts at 5m a/w is 10-15m. I will take nothing less then 8M TRUSTED ONLY THANKS!Turmoil Pure [Almost Finished] [Paypal] [RSGP] [Will Go First] [95 Prayer] 1x99im completely new to the runescape black markets but ive been reading on common scams ive been informed how they go and ive read other threads so heres what im lookign for: Now Has Prossy Armour/ And Handcannon 5-21-11 Trading for a Laptop also A/W Is Of Today is 160$ or 190Mill RSGP Valued at .65/M [email protected] 1. Im just putting this acc up for Bids if i find an offer i like ill contact you 2. I wont go first and obivously you wont go first so OMM/Very Trusted MM your fee's 3. Acc still has osme questing to go i will be ;playign and questing it until an offer i like is made 4. Post /Pm Me ur and ill add it 5. I Accept Pins/Upgrades idk what there called and RSGP ONLY 6. I am not to be held responsible to anything that happens after the acc is in your hands 7. Now Accepting Paypal And RSGP Now 81 Range sythe/showthread.php?t=1113227Buying 99 Rng Or Mage AccBuying A 99 Range /or Mage Account I Have Middle Man Who Is Willing To Go Out His Way To Do Trade For Free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (account As Low Level As Possible) And Leave Your Price Please!!! Many Thanks!SWAPPINg , account with 2 99'stakink swaps rsgp paypal whatever just offer :pAMAZING PURE! [ 98 Strength ] [ 89 HP ] [ 92 WC ] [RSGP]71 Combat, was a great pker. : [email protected] a/w = ? c/o = 30m
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