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    [No recoverys, No email]Level 73 - 99 Mining, 95 Magic, MM+DT Done, Addy glovesPrice - 25$ ( Via Paypal ) My - [email protected] Trading methods: 1. We use OMM/VMM if you pay fees 2. I will go first only if you are very trusted 3. Last thing is that you can go first.Buying A Hybrid No Pray!please post here with pics , only buying from trusted sellersBuying An Account with 50+ strength, defense, attack and 1 summoning and prayerBought one already of kittyboobs hello and i am looking to buy a account with 50+ strength, attack, and defense but the account must have 1 prayer and 1 summoning. i can pay via paypal or rsgpSelling level 67 pure - 99 mage!Up for sale is my level 67 pure. It has 60 attack 59 strength, 99 magic, 70 ranged, 31 prayer and 1 defence! it has done lost city and monkey madness. I will accept RSGP only make an offer please.Level 65, 1.7k+ total, 85m total xp, 4x99, 80 dung. ( 1 2)Hi I am taking offers for this account, it has 116.8k Dungeoneering tokens, arcane stream necklace, Scroll of life, efficiency and cleansing, which can save money skilling, it also has done family crest and dragon slayer, and very nice stats, has the potential to be a great barrows pure/main or something. :b My only is [email protected] acc shop - mains/skillas/tankuhs/ cheap ( 1 2)Getting rid of most of my accounts, i plan on buying a zerker. WILL NOT GO FIRST WITH SKILLER OR RANGE TANK AS YOU CAN TRAIN THEIR STATS EASILY - YOU PAY FOR OMM OR YOU GO FIRST ACC #1 - Sold ACC #2 - sold ACC #3 - \\\ rune gloves, mm// great skiller Acc #4 - includes 3 months membership // no qps Acc #5 - includes 3 month membership// // great skiller pm me with offers aswell as post on here, add my email as found in my sig if you have any questions, please post ACC NUMBER OFFER OMM OR GOING FIRST EMAIL DO NOT BOTHER WITH USING A MM IMPOSTER - I DO NT HAVE TO ACCEPT YOUR OFFER TO TRADE WITH YOU IF I FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE. WILL ADD MORE ACCS LATER, ONCE THESE ONES GO -START BIDDING!!Selling Starter Turmoil Zerk 95Pray|43 Def|60Atk|FireCapex2|80Str|92Mage ( 1 2 3)Basically selling this account because I just got 88 herb on my main and i'm going to buy 99 herb with the money i get from selling this acc. The account i'm selling is a started turmoil zerker. It's 43 def atm with rune gloves, only needs Fremmy Trials/Defender of varrock for it's def to be completly quested including hand cannon def requirement. After Fremmy Trials and Defender of Varrock it will be like 4k till 46 def, and you'll be able to get barrows gloves/turm and stay 45 def for a zerker pure. It has 92 mage, like 22k alchs till 94 mage and 95 prayer already. I cba to do the questing for barrows gloves/turm/dt/and lunar so i'm just going to get rid of it and work on my main. Lowest offer i'll take for this account is 50m, I spent 170m on prayer and about 20m on mage. Stats Combat non-tradeables Quests :[email protected] Log inselling 61cb f2p pure with 93 ranged 78 str gravite rapierhi im selling this account ive already quit rs so may aswell get something for it has gravite rapier and a fair bit in cash and items which i will not take off because i have no use for it im not greedy so im not setting an autowin just make an offer and if i like it ill accept. only paypal offers via gift. im happy for you to go first, if you want to trust me if not get an omm and pay the fees for him makes no difference to me. [email protected] is my . here are a few pics of the account:
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