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    40 def frosties pure !!! 91+9here's at first my staker which i've made over 500M with. i stand there with whip and full iron. then bust on my full torags/torva and dfs. i spec with dfs and own melee. if they wanne range, no problem. i dbow spec, then crossbow with onyx bolts(e). i win 99%of all duels! and secondly there's the fully quested 40 defence pure with 60 attack 98 str 99 range 99 mage and 52 mage never botted 90 dung 91 herb 73 summ it is full ready to pk or to bot those frosties and many otherss! it also has 157 quest points[/] 61 85 Defence Staker And Frosties PureHERE IS LINC, PLEASE BUY, WILL SELL CHEAPLY AND WILL GO FIRST TO TRUSTED MEMBERS IF NOT OMM OR TRUSTED MM WILL BE USED. sythe/showthread.php?t=1217532[RSGP] Selling Great RUNE PURE [60 Attack] [95 Strength] [40 Defence] [80 Combat]I am looking to sell this rune pure which has stats 60 attack, 95 strength, and 40 defence at 80 combat. I will NOT go first unless you are staff / OMM / very trusted. You can go first, or we will use an OMM at your expense. I am accepting RSGP only, only serious offers please. E-Mail and Recovery questions will be removed upon receiving an offer from a serious buyer. Pics below. A/W- NONE SETSelling Maxed 1 Def Chaotic Rapier Pure!! Beast Pker/4 Fire Capes/DT/10M Bank ( 1 2)Hi there, thanks for checking out my page I am selling my chaotic rapier pure. This is my baby, the only pure which ive been able to maintian perfectly without any mistakes. Im in the proccess of selling all my accounts to make money for staking so I will be acceping only RSGP or Paypal from trusted members. Here are the stats Inventory of Important items! And the awsome Rapier Front Page: Pillars Heres the Bank. Its loaded with pking supplies, weapons, pots, food, armour. Easily worth over 10M, i check some in the thingy Ok so there it is. I know how much this account is worth because of all the work I put into it. Not botted a single second. So im setting A/W: 200M You must post before you message me or add me on : [email protected] Please leave your also so i know it you.(cash/paypal Only) 70 99 2 90 Mage 90 Hp PureNOW TAKING RSGP I WILL SELL THAT FOR CASH! HI IM HERE TODAY TO SELL MY PURE I HAVE NOW QUIT RUNESCAPE WHICH IS THE REASON IM SELLIN MY PURE. IM LOOKIN FOR CASH ONLY NO RSGP OR SWAPS AS I DONT PLAY ANYMORE. THE ACCOUNT CURRENTLY IS A MEMBER, HAS DONE RFD UP TO MITHRIL GLOVES, ALL PURE QUESTS ARE DONE EXEPT FOR DT. YOU WILL RECIEVE ALL INFORMATION UPON PURCHASE. THIS ACCOUNT HAS NEVER BEEN BOTTED ON. PICTURES: MY ACCOUNT DOES HAVE A E-MAIL SET AND I WILL REMOVE AS SOON AS A SUITABLE LEGIT BUYER OFFERS ME WHAT I WANT. I WILL NEVER GO FIRST I DONT CARE HOW MANY VOUCHES YOU HAVE WE WILL USE OMM UNLESS YOU WANT TO GO FIRST. THATS ABOUT IT HAPPY BIDDINGlevel 91 staker W/ RAPIER! looking for 30m rsgp however i can negotiate a deal I am willing to use a mm if you pay fees pm for an offer[VERY CHEAP!]Selling level 86 Range tank with Rune Gloves![VERY CHEAP!]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A/W: 10M ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Beast lvl 82 pure! ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)WILL TAKE 35 M! You first or OMM at your expense, i will do a recov test if it is asked. Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with
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