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    Buying Range Tank!Looking for a decent range tank 80+ range. Veng is a MUST post your account then add me on : [email protected][Swap] Looking for obby mauler [Swap]Swapping my ags pure for a obby mauler ( I will include the ags ) I want a obby mauler with 99 str. Scammers please do not waste my time or your time. If for any reason I don't trust you I will not go first, and most likely not do a trade with you at all.2 defence pure! almost maxedok before i start im off to university in a couple of months due to work and social reasons i dont play anymore just not interested in the game. selling my pure : 2 defence 99 str 99 range 80 attack 96 hp 85 mage 26 prayer 1 summoning 83 theiving any other stats are mostly low any information needed i can be contacted on my : [email protected] or : cj_jujitsu_9 emails are replied to. i will be excepting paypal gift only no swaps gp or trades as i dont play the game feel free to add me and ask questions i will not specify an amount you simply offer i will then discuss from there YOU GO FIRST or pay for an OMM no MM OMM only sorry account is not especially rich however doesnt have an empty bank so it is possible to make or trade cash onto the accountSelling level 66 Granite maul pker with 99 strengthsold.level 63 pure with 9, 99s :Owas originaly a skiller. turned pure it is fully quested done monkey madness and all them. This is a very very rare account im not sure if im willing to sell yet but if the price is right why not, Spending £60 on a 1 deffence pure. ( 1 2)Post your + offers on my thread, thanks~~look~~sellin Rapier Pure/staker~~look~I FINISHED THIS ACCOUNT THE OTHER DAY PRO STAKER 77 COMBAT, STR IS NOW 90, DEF IS 5, HAVE CASTLE WARS ARM I ALSO HAVE ADDY GLOVES DONE AND ARDY CAPE 1 COMES WITH DETAILS THESE ACCOUNTS WIN MILLS ONLY 7 ACCOUNTS LIKE THIS THAT I KNOW OF SO HAPPY BIDDING MY MSM IS [email protected] ADD ME[RSGP] Selling Maxed 25 def, 80-99-25-99-52-99, 99 HP, ARCANE STREAM,FIRECAPE!! ( 1 2)Selling what has got to be my favorite account that i have ever had in my possession. Giving up this account for only RSGP, as all the money i get, will be going towards my new staker. As i am giving up on pking and going to do just staking. Accounts comes with firecape and arcane stream necklace. A/W for this is at 145M I am willing to go first to OMMs and people i deem to be trustworthy. Please do not add my or post on here saying that i should trust you. If you have to beg for me to trust you, obviously i shouldnt. Dont know if that made sense but yep. Only accepting RSGP, if you have paypal you could buy RSGP from a trusted gold seller here on sythe. Thank you for your time and if you have any questions please add my : [email protected] OFFENCES-
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