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    Buying Turm Pures or zerks!!!! ( 1 2)post me pictures of your account and i will look at them and get back to you, thanks.Selling Crazy Pure Read!!I am selling a crazy 99 range 99 magic pure. its not done Dt. it has 60 att 85 str 99 range 99 mage 55 rc 75 hp. i dont have pics but add me on for pics : [email protected] i swap it for a pure with dt done.Range Tank 94 Mage 90 Range W/firecape/torso/helm.94 mage. 80 Range. Firecape too!NfsssSelling Level 67 init pure Good Stats Offer Rsgp or Swap Any offers i Go First Trusted Only .[RSGP][Donator] Selling awsome Staker with 88 dung and rapier! [RSGP]Hey guys today i am selling this account for RSGP, i can prove in-game! and The A/W for this account is 200M! My is : [email protected] Sick Rune pure/Skiller-99Wc-4 letter name!Hello People of Rsbot, I am selling my account for swap or rsgp. It is a rune pure level 63, with 99 wc and 20k off 17M exp in it! (= is a nice money maker for stake boxing, pking, or skilling. it also has a 4 letter name -- Zegg here are some pics: my [email protected] Post offers on here with your pleaseBuying either Turm Pure, Rune Pure or ZerkerWhat I want: 60/78/80 Attack, 1 or two either side is okay I suppose, doesn't have to be perfect. 90-99 Strength - THIS IS A MUST 30-45ish Defence (again doesn't have to be perfect) 94+ Mage - THIS IS ALSO A MUST 70+ Range 80+ Constitution Okay the main requirements are that the account must have one of the two, it must have either 80 Dungeoneering with CRapier or CMaul or 95 Prayer for Turmoil. Account must also have: Rune or above gloves If it is not 60 attack and hasnt got 80 dungeoneering with CR or CM it must have Korasi Will use an OMM because ofcourse I'm not trusted yet and if the price is right I will pay the fees. Thanks -Pabs
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.