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    1 Def Cb 74, Maxed Ddser 60m++ All Pure Quests Done ( 1 2)NO SWAPS, NO RSGP. ONLY PAYPAL Selling maxed combat 74 pure with 60M wealth. Owns both at pking and staking. Account has done all pure quests (MM, DT, RFD (addy gloves),HFTD) I have been the owner the whole time so for your purchase you will receive full information. OMM WILL BE USED. Happy bidding! If interested post your offer and your and add [email protected] IMPORTANT: Post your otherwise I won't be able to accept you![RSGP] Selling Lv85 rune pure, Lv94 range tank, and Lv106 boxer! [RSGP]I am selling 3 accounts for strictly just RSGP, i am no longer doing paypal becuz i cancelled my paypal account. I have no intention going first so if you think your going to convince me to go first then dont bother contacting me. I am highly trusted as i have omm's and mm's that have vouched for me. So its either you go first, 50/50, or we get a omm. Below are the accounts that i am selling, i will be accepting offers. Here are the accs: First account is my level 85 rune pure with 99 str, A/W is 50m. Here are pics. Second account is my lv94 range tanker. A/W is 30m. Here are pics. Last account is my Lv106 Boxer. A/W is 100m. Made mils boxing with this pro account. tinypic/r/10gbfyb/7 tinypic/r/1zd1wt0/7 If you are interested in any account please contact me on , thanks. : [email protected][Rsgp] Selling 25 Def Pure 2 99's! 50m+! fire cape![Rsgp] ( 1 2)Hey guys, I decided to sell my Pure I loved this acc and always have Notables: 99wc 99mage full quested def fire cape slayer helm many more! Rules to bids: only take RSGP! I will NOT go first under any circumstances bid away Pictures: Have fun bidding[RSGP]|86+7|10 Def|99 Range,Fm,Cook,Fletch|1730+ Overall|Other High 90sHi im selling this account, its my first time selling on these forums so if you are interested please leave your because i still don't feel comfortable leaving my info here, ill contact u , I am Looking for All RSGP Positives- -Alsmot all korasi reqs [Except 78 att] -2-3m Bank -Fire Cape -Quests all done [Except for Smoking kills and Korasi] Highlights- -1700+ overall -96 wc -95 str -94 Mage -87 Mining Some Pictures: Membership extended to April 3rd - Thanks For Taking your time to Browse my OfferSelling 69 Str PureI am selling a 69 Strength Pure with 87 Str 58 Att 60 Range 40 Pray 42 Magic 1 Def and 71 Hp. Has Monkey madness done and has about 600k. Pm me some offers.Selling Berserker combat 90.hello my name is iPray, i'm selling a level 90 zerker with a beast high strength level. the ranged and magic level are not so high yet and it has 900k on it. It's not member and beacuse i sold 2 of my other accounts for 13m i only Need -------------4m for this account------------ it's really cheap zerker account now. i don't think you can get any cheaper now! 3 Good deals, 0 failed deals. i don't have vouches because i don't ask for it. we can use middle man but i won't pay. Only 4m now! messenger : [email protected] P.s. i'll never go first. Other good account : sythe/showthread.php?t=106739585 Mage][5+ Vouches]Selling Dragon Claw Rusher[RSGP][PP]I am selling a dragon claw pure. This account would be great for rushing because of the tele-block abilities. If you do DT on it it would be a monster. I am the original owner. I will accept any reasonably offer so hurry. We can use a VMM/OMM (you pay fees). If not you will go first unless you are trusted. It also has a cool name.[rsgp]selling Zerker Pure[rsgp]Edit: Closed For New Thread.
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