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    Selling Pure with 97 Ranged, 96 Magic and 89 Strength!Info - No Blackmarks - No Email Registered - No Recovery Questions - No Bankpin PicturesSelling Obby Mauler with 1 attack and 82 Strength!Info - No Blackmarks - No Email Registered - No Recovery Questions - No Bankpin Pictures[selling] account lvl 95 [83 str, 75 attk, 75 def]Im selling a lvl 95 with 83 str, 75 attk, and 75 def Im selling the account because i use my main and i just got hacked lost 8 . : / I am the owner and doese not scam or hack :) You dont need to trust me but dont i really dont hack or scam im not a 5yr old looking for a whole bunch of cash. Im really looking for a good offer nothing over the top some where between 8-20. Recovs been canceled, not registered anymore dont mind the pic, and no bank pin. Account is good for minigames and pking. Here are some pics: No recovs and registered but is changed: tinypic/view.php?pic=f4lq4l&s=7 His stats and skills: tinypic/view.php?pic=xnz0r9&s=7[selling] Level 68 With 88 Range 83 Magic Dt Done! Fire Cape!My level 68 with 88 range 83 magic DT done and fire cape! I am selling the account because I use my main! I am the full owner of the account, I created it myself! It has some membership left! The account is a PK God! No recovs, no bank Pin! Pictures and MM Will confirm! Looking for cash! or a big RSGP offer! Get bidding! Here are some Pics ! Stats: mediafire/i/?bifhgw8cys62h25 Combat level and Fire cape: mediafire/i/?rxx1ytsw3c4516m The cash: mediafire/i/?z9435b96m305b17 Desert tresaure complete: mediafire/i/?0s5tbc657me99h9 No recovs: mediafire/i/?5jn1j8zdwchzg80Kalinor DoubleXP 317 Need admins!Click here to play webclient Click here to play webclient Click here to play webclient Click here to play webclient Uptime: The server never goes down the only reason It goes down is because of a large update or server restart. Your accounts are SAFE with us! kalinor Staff: We carefully chose our staff as we have learned from the past that choosing stupid staff isn’t going to get you far. We now select applicants who have skill and patience and dedication towards the game. GamePlay: PVP: Player vs player combat in kalinor is really great for a runescape private server. You will rarely find any bugs and if you do so, do not hesitate to report it to any of our staff. We have many pk locations to teleport to. If u enjoy pking we have made pk statics that u can see how many kills and deaths u have achieved by typing the KDR (Kill Death Ratio) command. Minigames: There are many minigames in kalinor and they are all fun and greatly done and they don’t have any known bugs. We currently have Duel Arena, Godwars, Barrows, Pest Control, Fight Caves and also Fight Pits, CastleWars! Come out to test them! Skilling: All skills work on this server! It has few things to be done in it aswell but we are working on it and making the skills better. We have now rewrited cooking,fishing,thieving. If your a skiller, kalinor is the PERFECT place for you! A REAL Economy: Economy, is the most important things of the server, In kalinor there is a REAL economy. Some items are harder to get, Some easier. You can get yourself money either skilling,pking or Killing monsters for good drops. You can also go for the rare drops to the boss monsters that there are. We have also fixed ALL of the dupes in our source, And that makes the gameplay even more enjoyable!Turmoil Pure-FireCape-OverloadsSold to iigonutsOriginal Owner Of A Perfect Level 67 Boxing/corrupt Tank Account, Never Botted!I'm selling this account for only $40 or 45M. Free Quests Black Knights' Fortress Cook's Assistant Demon Slayer Dragon Slayer Ernest the Chicken Goblin Diplomacy Gunnar's Ground Rune Mysteries Unstable Foundations Members Quests Death Plateau Druidic Ritual Sheep Herder Witch's House Quest Points: 38/316 Combat: Stats: Items: I'm selling this account because I don't play runescape any more. I've been playing runescape since the game first came out and decided to start playing again 2 weeks before FT/Wildy was released, so I decided to make the perfect boxing account for staking. This account has a Maple longbow (sighted), Air talisman staff and can wield a Slayer's staff. I've made over 250M in less then 2 weeks after the release of staking and win about 95% of the time because of my high defence (60) I can beat any pure account and they stake me because 60 defence isn't rated on highscores. If you have any other questions just send me a message and I will get back to you as soon as [email protected]@ 99 Mage, DT done. Offers? @@Ello' Sythe, this may be a new account but i have been using sythe for about four years, and have purchased/sold other accounts on here. This account has 99 Mage, Desert treasure done, and I really enjoyed playing on it but i made a pure and don't quite have enough gold for D claws since i spent it all alching to 99. I am the original owner of this account, I am taking offers for it, I'm willing to trade this account for a different one but would prefer Rsgold. When you buy this account, ill include the answers to all Original five recovery questions, you will have to reset them yourself, and all of the previous passwords. I just dont have the time to keep up with this account and try and train my pure and still do everything else in life. Starting bid at 1m. (Account pics below) A/w:??? Current bid:??? Starting bid:1m ------------xIkushDrIx------------------ if interested just post here or email me at: [email protected] Im trying to figure out my messenger its having problems lately, until then just email me/PM/Post here. i WILL get back to you
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