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    Chaotic Maul / Granite Maul Pure ! 84cmb★ 6 99's, 104 DUNG, Chao Maul & More ★ RSGP !Wrong section.Selling Chaotic Pure! Only 72 cb with 88 str *RSGP/PAYPAL*Welcome! Im selling my level 72cb pure for either 30m RSGP or 20$ paypal for auto win, but feel free to post offers below. Everything you need to see/know is below. This is mostly made for the purpose of a frost dragon bot. But possible to get gloves and turn into legit pure. Thank you for your time. [/IMG] I have all the questions and answers to recoveries. & will set the email to yours during buying process. Some stats are blurred for identification purposes. Thank you for checking this out, message me on here with any questions. :)Selling 99 mage, 99 woodcutting, amazing DDS pker~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[RSGP] Selling Piety Pure [RSGP]Selling Piety Pure For RSGP (HAS A COOL RARE NAME) Edit: Has 90 Mining, Drag gloves, Barrelchest anchor. MM , and alot of other good quests done. Will Not go first Unless Well Trusted Member, Use MM/OMM for recov test. Post Offer and Below. Says Mikey because Mikey is my other sythe account but I dont remember the password or Username. It has a few vouches.### Buying low lvl 1 defence pure - RSGP ###Buying a 1 defence, low level pure for RSGP. Post picture of stats, login screen, offences and bank. I will not offer a price so make sure you leave yours. No recoveries / emails. At least part quested. I will go first if I deem seller trust-worthy. Thanks[PP ONLY] Bloodpker798's Account Shop MuStSeE [PP ONLY]Hey, Sythe. I'm selling these accounts as I plan on quitting RS altogether. Current Stock : 6 Accounts Looking to buy some RSGP? Buy 76m RSGP here. Some Rules: Selling for PayPal ONLY. You will go first unless I deem you trusted. You will send the PayPal payment as "gift" with the note of my chosing. I am the original owner to ALL of the accounts, but certain ones I do not have all of the info, as I didn't remember to save it. I will put a "*" next to the account if I have the information to it. So let's get to the accounts.. * Account 1 - Low CMB Dbow/Ice Barrage Rusher (F2P): A/W : 17$ * Account 2 - Starter Skiller, decent stats #1 (P2P): A/W : 14$ (Seeing as it's still members for 20 days) Account 3 - Staker/Main #1 (F2P): A/W : 7$ Account 4 - Starter Tank (F2P): A/W : 5$ Account 5 - Staker/Main #2 (P2P): A/W : 7$ Account 6 - Starter Skiller, decent stats #2 (F2P) A/W : 5$LvL 72 Range Pure with 99 Theive 90 MINEs1110.photobucket/albums/h458/bryan24680/ ^^^^ Everything is on there! Check it out taking offers down below! I will change my e-mail to what ever yours is ,It still has membership I will not go first unless I see that you are a trusted member of the forums or have 10+ vouches. I know i have a low post count on these forums so you can do VMM and stuff like that.....[$]87-Combat ZERKER(Quested)It's all in the pictures. A/w is set at 40m -I do not expect 40m for the account just there to have one -I cannot for the life of me get rid of the recoveries so :/ -Will use OMM or any reliable service at your expense -Happy bidding =)
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