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    [Selling]|Maxed Turmoil Zerker|FULLY Quested|Fcape|Torso|Ardy Cloak 2|Bgloves|RSGP|SOLD![RSGP]Selling pure with 2x99s and 1 90+[RSGP]I am selling my pure to fund staking with my main, will remove email when I find a buyer. Account comes with recoveries. Will do a recovery test if done by an OMM, you pay fees. So yeah. My is [email protected].#$%(rsgp)sellin 1 Def Pure 99hp+str Basically Maxed/staker(rsgp)$#@ ( 1 2)LOOKING FOR OFFERS NOT LOWBALLS I MADE THE ACCOUNT I HAVE EVERYTHING FOR THE ACCOUNT THIS ACC IS A BOSS AT WHIP/DDS STAKING ALSO COULD BE A HELL OF A PURE HAVE MITH GLOVES/ANCIENTS COMES WITH BANK SHOWN EMAIL/OTHER STUFF WILL BE DELT WITH OFFER ME!!! MY MSM:[email protected][Selling] INIT PURE ! for![rsgp]!!CHEAP!!!i'm selling this rs account because i dont like to play it anymore. i'm not quiting runescape. i will sell the rs account for Runescape Gold the account is still member 9 days 6 hours left. combat lvl is 82 without summoning (summoning is 1) the bank off the account is really ordered and haves like 2m total. (i did got cleaned ) the picture of the skills is here account got completed init quest and some more quests lost city etc... also quest for ancients its 82 magic only ice blitz atm u can lvl it up later soo if ur interested please add me on : [email protected] OR else pm me hope to see you makeing a deal with me RSGP ONLY I DONT ACCEPT ACCOUNTS TRADES OR PAYPAL love you !Buying Pure!!!! ( 1 2)Bought great barrage pure with fire cape from punkpure STILL FOR SALE TO HIGHEST BIDDER: ACCOUNT 2/2 STILL FOR SALE TO HIGHEST BIDDER: ACCOUNT 2/2Selling level 99 mainHey, I really don't care much to play runescape anymore. So selling my accounts :O 20$ Buyout for all three, the main one being the level 99(+3). Since I'm qutting if you buy the 99(+3) you can have a level 58 Rune pure, 40 att/def and 66 Str. Alsoo a level 84 main . Just private message me through sythe and we can talk further. If you're trusted enough, I'll go first :O if not idk we'll just talk haha. (Sorry, just realized this is the pure only section :X, if a mod sees this could they move it to the right forum please :O?) Thanks, -rulerselling my rune pure/staker with a 99hi there, im on my phone so cant upload photos, but can get access to rs if your interested. i have a level 82+5 rune pure(quested to 40 defence) he has 70 att 80str 40 def 87 range 44 prayer 84 mage 85 theif 84 hunter 68 farming 99 cooking all stats are nearly 40 or higher, he has a 1486 total level. some stats are 50+ 61 crafting 55 smithing 50 herblore 64 mining etc etc i just dont have the time to play anymore, it comes with a 2 week membership left too... if interested add me ingame dnn for more details.Accoutn shop! Stakers, Skillers , Pkers!Information about the accounts: - No Recoveries - No Registered Email - No Bankpin - No Blackmarks - I will go first to trusted people here, accounts comes with recovery information. Account 2 This one is my favorite account! Alot of time was put in it! 1 Prayer Account 3 Whip / Dds [ Olmost Ready for rapier] [SOLD] Account 4 Rapier staker! Account 5 Gravite Pure, got membership! Account 6 Mage boxer [ Still in making ] Account 7 [SOLD] Obsidian Mauler! Great pker! Hits 380s with obby maul!
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