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    [RSGP] F2P Rune Pure - Gravite 2H - 94 Strenght.I am selling this F2P rune pure for RSGP. Stats: 60 Attack 94 Strenght 41 Defence 70 Ranged 31 Prayer 84 HP Price: 10mil I will not go first. OMM can be used, you pay the fees.Selling Nice Pure | 62-85-1 | 52 Pray | Cmb 73 |I want to make an other maul pure so this account is for sale. Its member till 14 Oktober. Its cmb 73 Stats: Login: Cmb: Quests:selling a starter main with 99 fish and a starter main with 99 wc[cheap] rsgp!hello im selling this acc's because i rlly never use them, these accounts are both log-in names, no email's, i WILL USE A OMM ON YOUR EXPENCE. i need the money so i can chin 97 range on my main, i will use a recovery test with a OMM or either u go first then i will profide all the details. for more info add: [email protected] these accounts are kinda old also, acc #1: login: stats: acc #2: login: stats: quest points: I WILL SELL THESE ACCOUNT'S FOR VERY CHEAP BECAUSE I DO NOT USE THEM AND I ONLY ACCEPT PAYPAL, DONT COME WITH BULLSHIT OFFERS EITHER, I DO NOT SWAP TOO!!Black boots pure/skilling shop! [rsgp]Hello my name is TheGuyInTheBlackBoots, but you can call me Matt. Little bit of background info: im 18 years old and i was born and raised in phoenix Arizona. i have been playing runescape since 2003 and haven't stopped since. i have very many accounts level 126+. i have been selling accounts for about 3 years now on a ton of different websites and i decided to move my business to sythe. --- I sell runescape pures/skillers that i make on my own. if you are interested please contact me via [email protected] the amount of rsgp you pay depends on the type of account you want and however many skills/levels you want. i also do a leveling please check my other threads. if you want a certain name for the account please let me know in a private message thx. please fill this out and post in your reply --- skills to be trained- skills lvl you want- combat lvl you want- email- --- i hope to hear from many of you on here and make many friends. thx, Matt [email protected] some accounts [Rsgp]Want to fund my new staking account, so I'll polishing off my old accounts that I haven't played on in over a year. Will go in order of combat level. I'll be posting starting bids + A/W (automatic wins, you pay this, you get it) Account 1: Level 23, low level, possible to make it into a pure. Starting bid: 250k A/W: 750k Account 2: A great account. F2P gravite 2h rune pure. Possibility to make this better into whatever you want. Level 64 or 65 great at its level. Starting bid:5m A/W:20M Account 3: One of my first accounts, a decent starter main. Level 83 I believe, got some holiday items starting at Grim Reaper hood (sexy ) Starting bid: 3m A/W:15M Account 4: My highest level account that I'm selling (keeping the rest). Level 86 or so, has around 3.5 total wealth on it still (forgot to move before it lost membership ages ago), so you still have that. Completed a few important quests on it, has 184 quest points. Noticeable stuffs: 2 Void helmets, bottoms, gloves (and a few commendation points still on it) so close to full void FULL PENANCE - Loved to do B.A. ages back on this account and got full set, sadly this is only account that of mine that has more than torso LOL Fighter hat + Skirt + Gloves + Boots + TORSO :[] Rune Defender Addy gloves / Lost city + MM done / God cape/spells minigame done all all 3 spells unlocked / hero's done Starting bid: 10m A/W:30m My rules: You will go first, I won't scam you (I've got a bit of dignity lol) Some of the accounts still have some info set, I don't care to change them, I won't recover them anyways (haven't played on them in ages) and its too much of a pain. I can reset if you want but you'll have to pay an extra mill (free for the 2 low levels). Just post here for bids and offers.Range tank for sale, pretty good skills, looking for rsgpTbh i'm sellin this account because my friend got 2 attack. Some good skills on it are 99 cooking, 99 thieving, 99 firemaking, 81 crafting, 60 farming, 64 agility, and alot of others. Total level on this beast is 1178, combat is 79. Combat stats are 74 range, 70 defence, 2 attack, 58 hitpoints, 43 prayer, and 46 summoning. Some cool items it has are, full rogue armor from rogue's den minigame, 3 skill capes, thousands of seeds for farming, and ringmaster top and hat. Just tryin to sell this account for rsgp, shoot me some offers. To contact, add my live account, [email protected] I will give all recovery questions, previous passwords, and any info you might need. 1000% legit.Looking to buy a Hyrbid (60-80). 15-30MHello, I am looking for a pure to spend 15-30 (Maybe more if it's a VERY trusted member and very good account) mil on, depending on stats of course. Needs Desert Treasure done and RFD atleast started. I will also only buy from more trustworthy members who have vouches. I will go first if you are trusted, of course. 60 attack - MM done. 1 defense 70+ Strength 31-43 Pray 82+ magic 80+ ranged 65-80 HP The more ranged/str the more I will pay. (Willing to pay $ on playerup aswell.)rsgp/m: cb 98/101 l 6x99 l total 1825 l qp80 done dt /rsgoHello. sell off the account because I thought that would purega fresh in my play and get more information on . : martin.luide @ [/ email] or PM here. Starting price: price offer themselves. start 25 and win 75m Pictures: Login: stats: Bank Quest: Combat: my pickaxe: ban: Data: Name: Martin Full name: dune Age: 15 I live: Pärnu
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