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    Spending 40m rsgp on 1def 40att pure!Post ur offers in the thread! Pm me also.Looking for a nice starter pure ( 1 2)GOT MY ACC CLOSE THIS THREAD PLEASE[PayPal or RSGP] Selling Level 57 with decent Stats - make an offer (f2p)I am looking to sell this Level 57cmb with 80 fishing and 75 wc there are a few extra good stats too. pm or email with an offer. my email is [email protected] Im accepting PayPal or RSGP. Thanks[RSGP][AWESOME] Selling 1 zeal pure![1700 zeals][SEXY] ( 1 2 3)Pm me your or post it here. I won't trade without a PM! My : [email protected] - will only check once a day, it's faster to pm me! RSGP only. If you're looking for a trusted user to sell you an account with 0% chance of getting recovered, look no further. The account has NO membership so I have no way to take screnshots . When buying my account, you get all of the following: Month the account was created State I live in and ISP used to create the account User name and password(s) used on the account Could either be sent over or via PM Membership details used Feel free to bid, A/W is 150M.[RSGP] Selling starter SUMMONING/DEFENCE pure [RSGP]Hey guys! i was going to work on a summoning tank, and almost had enough defence to start summoning. however, two levels short at 58 defence, i decided that my g maul pure is what i want to focus on for now. This pure is SO much fun to annoy people with in f2p, and would make a boss summoning pure with some TLC. feel free to post offers. (the pure has all sets including: -rune h4 -rune (t) -rune (g) -sara -guthix -zammy ^ but they do not include platebodies, because he hasnt passed dragon slayer)MAkInG YouR NeW account a [email protected]!I will make your newly bought pure a member for RSGPbuying skiller with 99I am looking to buy a skiller between 3-20 cb with a 99 skill. i will NOT except 99's that are cooking, firemaking, woodcutting. please post accounts below. Thanks[PayPal] *Rare Name/Skiller/Highstats/* [PayPal]:///showthread.php?p=9821555
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.