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    [RSGP/PP] Cb 89 Zerk pure, Fcape,... [RSGP/PP]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi there, I'm selling my cb 89 Zerker pure. - Recovery test possible - Going first to trusted people or vmm/omm - E-mail is in Signature Images Interested? Reply here or add my . Greetings, AmbassadorIncEpic Maul Rusher [67 Combat]Great for anyone looking to start a G Maul rusher. Can be turned into an initiate pure with 3 Short Quests Black Knight's Fortress, Druidic Ritual & Recruitment Drive Original Owner of account, password changed once (Both old & new passwords will be provided), The account had 1 month of membership just over a year ago, I think it was purchased via Paymo, not entirely sure. Has 21 Defence, I blocked by accident. Accepting payment via PayPal or RSGP. : [email protected] A/W: $4/4mstaking pure---75 def-40 str-75 att---selling my staking pure with some nice stats to win at staking, combat is 73. can wear godswords and dragonfire shield with barrows and such. Pm me if interested, no recoveries or email registrations.CB 65 pker 80 mage 75 rng 72 atr with 97 fishSelling one of my partially quested pking accounts, also comes with 97 fishing!! Good account am asking 20m rsgp i dont have any vouches yet so maybe you can be my first! i am willing to use a OMM or anyway u would like to do the transaction. since i am new i understand i will have probably have to go first so anyone with vouches message me and bid thanks xjmphw.bay.livefilestore/...gin.png?psid=1 xjmphw.bay.livefilestore/...sts.png?psid=1 xjmphw.bay.livefilestore/...ils.png?psid=1Selling 99 Hunter main acc CHEAP must seehello everyone i am a new member of sythe but am trying to get started and earn some vouches. i will be posting many other pking accounts and skillers on here as well.. Only asking 15m rsgp for this hunting account.. im new to the OMM but i am willing to do it if u pay fees xjmphw.bay.livefilestore/...0in.png?psid=1 xjmphw.bay.livefilestore/...pic.png?psid=1rune pure/ skiller with 2x 99s---quested---selling my rune pure/skiller account, done Mm and rfd till adamant gloves has 1,5m wealth on it. accepting swaps and rsgpSelling Cb Level 65, 99 mage, 73 range, DT doneSold!!Selling lvl 79, 99 WC! Going First to Decent Trusted!Hi Sythe, Welcome to my account thread. I am going to sell this amazing level 79 skiller with over 1200+ Skill total. It has 99 wcing and 13.6Mil WCING xp. It has skillcape and hood too. I am looking for 5Mil RSGP!. -I am original owner, and created this account a few years ago and haven't played on it much. If you want a good money-maker, this is the account for you. There are other 80+ skilling stats too. Please PM and post here if interested. I will be going first if you have FIVE VOUCHES or MORE. You MUST have been on sythe for ATLEAST 2 MONTHS. I am not a scammer, and am willing to go first. No noobs allowed. Uploaded with
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