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    Level 72 60-92-1 account.100m AW. MM/DT is not done. Has mith gloves. That's about it. You first/You pay for omm [email protected] my main account!!Wrong section..Selling Cleaned Pure. 97 Strength 82 Attack 25 Defence 94 Magic 90 DungeoneeringHi I'm a serious seller and I'd like to think I can get a bit for this. British £ or Us $ please and I'd say £200 is the a/w but i think thats being hopefull. I'd like to get the account sold as quick as possible and I am fine to use an MM if you want it and provide all the accounts detail. I wont be scammed so don't try it. The account does have a bank pin and email which will be provided. Good luck bidding.Has any ever had good experience with...Buying accounts? I was a member here before, and I have never had an account transaction go good for me. I made this account and since I have already bought 2 accounts and they were both recovered. Is there ANYONE here who sells accounts that is legit. Not aiming at everybody, but I never am successful with these transactions. Just venting I guess...[RSGP] Selling level 86, 1 Def Pure - OVLS/85 Dung ( 1 2)Selling Decent 1 def pure with Ovls, Chaotic Maul, Arcane Stream Necklace and Fire Cape! Only has 2m bank. 67 Quest Points - Accepting RsGp's Only - Also has 56k Dung Tokens Currently has bank pin, Recoveries + Email have been removed.selling level 98 account cheap.hello everyone i am selling a level 98 mems account pics will be below selling for 20mil rsgp cash ( give to my range tank ). will be using an official mm to do the trade. message back if interested ps. even though is has 75 defence it can still hit very high if you want to go pking. i have gotten many many kills with this account. img9/9408/110602155509.png img17/2552/110602155556.png PP] 71 Combat Mauler - 95 Range | 90 Str | 1 Def [RSGP/PP] ( 1 2)This account is great in edgeville and KOs almost every time with maul. Autowin is $60 PayPal + OMM Fees if we use one.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.