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    Selling Rapier StakerStats of the account i am selling. 80 attack 99 str 90 hp 10 def 1 ray! 1 sum! 80 dung. Made over 1.4bil staking with this account so far. quitting rs. Send me offer if interested. Txt me @ 1 916 804 2462 I can get pics by emailing them to you if you are really interested. I have spent a lot of time on this account. its never been botted nor dung glitched. All legit. Txt me[PP]Use Omm|G altar|1414 totalI know this is my 2nd thread but my other one is kinda dead with me spamming >.>, well read along! Most pures have decent stats. But what about the quests? 50 quest points? LAME. The following account has 105. Also, reason out the total level. 1100 or below = FAIL. My pure I'm selling has a total level of 1414, all stats except for herb and summoning are already enough to get all the turm/veng/barrow glove quests done! Also, my pictures are FULL PICTURES, meaning they show account name so you can confirm that my ban/mute pillars are not stolen pictures, my stats are actual stats, my quests actual quests, etc. The account is "Doctor Dime" (in-game name) and if you guys are too lazy to look it up it has 94 mage 77 hp 90 str 60 att 52 prayer 1412 total level I believe, 105 quest points, unholy book filled, and 0 bans/mutes. I would like a decent offer like 65-75 USA which I would gladly autoaccept as I'm moving on to games on Steam like the classical CS and Tf2 which I already have, and I'm saving up for a Razer Mamba New Edition so that's why im selling the account otherwise I wouldn't be. Oh I also just registered so I might not reply fast cuz I might now know how to check :/ BUY FAST I THINK MEMBER EXPIRES ON THE 18TH Good stats - 90 str, 94 mage, 52 pray, 90 fm, 1414 total level, 69 construction (g altar in PoH) Good Items - Filled zammy book, memb until 18th, mage capes and 6-10 more sets of ghostly I believe Good quests - RFD up to addy gloves, dt, mm, lost city, 105 qp total METHODS OF TRADING -- 1. Use an omm and we each pay 50/50 2. I go first if you are very trusted 3. You go first OK WAIT 120-150m works too (150m auto) so i can sell it and u won't charge back with paypal Please auto = 75 dollars i would really love that thanks pm me or [email protected] if interested Terms and Conditions: 1. I am only accepting things through runescape, paypal, or through an omm. 2. This account was created by me last year, and it was 0 percent botted. 3. If an omm is used you will have to pay the extra for the omm 4. By reading up this this point you have agreed to everything before and after this 5. If banned for real-world trading I will refund 80 percent, any other offense was not created by me. 6. After you buy it you are responsible for everything that happens to the account unless it's real world trading and please delete my friends and stuff and leave my clanchaotic or turm purebuying a chaotic or turm pure for my main acc- sythe/showthread.php?t=1176069[RSGP][CHEAP][TRUSTED] Selling Lots of RUNESCAPE Accounts .. NEEDS TO GO FAST, CHEAPHello, These accounts need to go really fast because i need RSGP really bad!! Accounts AW:7m AW: 7m AW: 6m AW: 3m AW: 3m --- I will not go first to anyone. OMM (your fees) or you go first or 50/50 AW are guide lines. Please do not offer accounts, paypal and upgrades ONLY RSGP[RSGP] Selling Great initiate Pure, 99 Str, Good bank (16.m+) [RSGP] ( 1 2 3)hi everyone im looking to sell this great pure for RSGP ONLY! AutoWin: 50M (if bought for 60M you wil recieve a grea autothiever pro bot.) also its a 3 letter name! Please only serious offers and buyer.. nothing like 10m. this is a great account and ready to go pking in! please post or Pm. Fatality has all details and will help you with anything wrong with the acc.. hes the most trusted runescape ACC seller on sythe. : [email protected] Current : 35MSelling Level 67 init pure Good Stats Offer Rsgp or Swap Any offers i Go First Trusted Only . -_-RSGP / Mith gloves/ DT / 99 mage / 86 Str Rusher 40m!Ok i know i'm new and i will go first to anyone who is trusted. I will use an OMM i dont mind. The account has a 4 letter name is kinda good. Owns in wildy has mith gloves full zammy book and guthix book. A/W is 40m no lower lower as im now working on my near maxed main : [email protected] Now got: 60 attack 31 pray 72 [email protected]/[email protected] Buying Gmaul pureBuying a g maul pure for RS gold or swaping for a range tank. must have done dt 1-31 prayer 40-50 atk 70-99 str 1 def 1-99 summon 82-99 mage Range tank 2x 99s sythe/showthread.php?p=9148360#post9148360
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