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    [Paypal] Buying a Hand Cannon Pure, Must be Quested. (Paying Well)Hello, I'm really interested in buying ANY handcannon pures, aslong as their quested and not ruined. I have up to $300 to spend via Verified PayPal. Please post ALL of your pictures or link me to your threads, also you may add my : [email protected] Thanks,Selling Runescape Youtube Pking Channel (where Do You Post This Lol)Sellnig my pking channel Apkershadow10 legit subscribers legit views used to make vids for a couple years now looking to sell this account heres proof below if interested pm me and add my : [email protected]_Lvl 98- Heaps of Rares- 99 Woodcutting(RSGP)Selling This lvl 98 account has some nice stats, but the great thing about this account is the rare event items it has, Sythe ect.Runescape gp onyl, happy to meet in game .selling awesome accounts for rsgphey guys im selling 3 accounta a lvl 35 with 85dungeoneering=18m and it has tokens for chaotic a lvl 84 with 88dungeoneering 92range 84str 46pray 95mage=38m a lvl 89 40def 90str 79 dungeoneering 64k tokens=20m IM A COMPUTER FOB IDK HOW TO PUT PICS ON SYTHE SO JUST PRIVATE MESSAGE ME THX AND IM NOT SCAMMINGSelling Chaotic Berserker Pure [RSGP]Vengeance. Barrows Gloves. Barrelchest Anchor. Ability to Imbue Rings. Unholy Books. Ava's Accumuator. Chaotic Rapier. Fire Cape. Maxed Strength for Berserker Pure. Etc........ Cmb: 95+9 Price: Leave Offer Belowselling lvl 82 with 99 magei can verify everything in game, recoveries and email are on the account but email can be taken off upon request. I am selling the account because i am going for 99 smith on my other account (at 95 now) and i need some extra cash thanks The account has 99 mage 72 thieving and no money here is the pic of states i56.tinypic/5mzn21.png We will be using Omm unless you would go first, (which would be weird since i have no vouches :p) Add me on to discuss price im selling cheap [email protected] selling off my old 5 def, 40 attack 84 strength pure ( 1 2)Sold!(rsgp)selling Pro Accounts All Pro DungoneersSELLING THESE GR8 ACCOUNTS AND PRIVATE MESSAGE ME FOR THEM AND IF I DNT RESPOND DNT BE DISCOURAGED CUZ I POSTED THIS LATE AND I MIGHT BE ASLEEP THE PRICES I POSTED ARE STARTING PRICES AND I WANT TO GO HIGHER BUT THIS IS MY MINIMUM 89=RUNE PURE 90STR 79DUNG AND FOR 20M ATLEAST 84=92RANGE 95MAGE 84STR ATLEAST 35M ATLEAST 35=GR8 STARTER 85DUNGEONEERING 200K+ TOKENS FOR CHAOTIC AND 15M ATLEAST
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.